Written by j.Boss

26 Jan 2007

My wife works in a school, she's an atractive 49 year old with dark hair, looks younger and is still very sexy although not flirty; she;s responsible for a lot of the building maintainance and so deals a lot with the contractors that come in; she'd mentioned that they'd had a lot of work done recently and this one indivisuals name kept cropping up, Dave. I asked her if there was anything going on and she told me not to be stupid;to celebrate the new building the staff held a party at the school and invited all the contractors and some of the parents and Governors.

Lin was looking really sexy on the evening, dressed in a tight black shir, black top and a red short cardigan, she was wearing stockings and nice little frnech type knickers; her tits were pouring out over the top and her red lipstick finished the whole thing off.

" Hell, who you trying to impress?" i asked.

" No one," she replied.

Well, the wine flowed and i noticed she'd been missing for about 30 mins, i went to look for her and heard some sound coming from her office which was round the back of the school; i crept closer and peered through her window; she was bent over her desk, her skirt round her waist and her pants at her ankles; she was being fucked from behind by Dave.........not only that, his foreman was stood in front of her feeling her tits; i have to admit, i didn't know what to do, i was angry but turned on at the same time; she stood up and then knelt down in front of Dave and began to suck his cock, i could see him twitch and he spunked right down her throat, she swallowed the lot; the foreman waited for her to stand up and then bent her back ober the desk and began fucking her tight ass, i'd never done that and really wanted to there and then;i moved away and went back to the oarty; she came back looking flushed and i whispered i'd seen what went on.She smiled at me and said " Dave wants to come home, and his foreman, and i know you'd love to video me, what do you say?"

We went home and had a wild night, she was fucked all ways by three horny men, we all came over her face, her tits, up her fanny, her ass, everywhere.Heaven.