Written by S&M

5 Mar 2005

We have been married 14 years and have not strayed from each other, until now. It all began some 5 years ago when I began to have the urge to see my wife, Sue, with another man. We never had a proper opportunity and she has always treated it as a laugh.

Last December Sue when out on a christmas night with the girls from work. Upon returning home in the early hours she was a horney as heel and we had great sex. She told me a young guy had been dancing with her and feeling her all night and I had reaped the rewards. Sue is 44, brunette and very attractive with a lovely size 10 body. This guy, Dave, was in his early twenties. At the end of the night he had thrust his phone number down her cleavage.

Over christmas we discussed it and she agreed to be with him, admitting that having a 'toy boy' lover turned her on. She called him in January and has met him a couple of times for drinks and assures me that apart from heavy snogging he has not touched her. On the third meeting she put the proposition to him that he could have her as long as I was present. He agreed and the date and venue, a local hotel, was set. It was last night and here is what happened.

Sue was dressed in all black with more than normal make-up and pearl jewellery. She looked stunning. At 8 o'clock I answered a knock on the door and for the first time met Dave. He was some six feet tall with blond hair and appeared very athletic. He complimeneted Sue on her looks and gradually the conversation died as we all knew what was to happen. It appeared natural that Sue and Dave began to kiss and moved on to the bed. I was actually shaking as I watched my wife being felt and undressed by a another man, a very much younger man. Eventually Sue was left in just shoes, stockings and thong. Dave was in boxers and an obvious bulge was present. Sue reach in and release a cock that was maybe an good two inches bigger than me with a good girth. It was rock hard. My heart was pounding as Sue dropped down his body and look him in her mouth. She worked on him with hands and mouth and I could sense what he was feeling. She does give good head. She continued until he started to moan and writh (she loves that feeling of power), then teasing him with her tongue and teeth. Dave grabbbed her and spun her over onto her back. He kissed down her body until he was between her legs and started to lick at her pussy. She was now the one writhing and moaning as he worked on her. I could see him begin to push one and then two fingers into her working them in, out and around. After about five minutes Sue let out a dull scream as her body shook into her climax. Dave moved swiftly up her body and he entered her in one movement. She cried out and immediately came again as he pounded into her. When she had calmed down he slowed down and for the next fourty minutes I watched him fuck her in a number of positions making her come at twice more. After her last orgasm she pushed him off and moved her head to his dick. The sight of my wife giving the second lot of head to her young stud threw me into raptures. My prick was bursting. I saw Dave stiffen and he pumped his lot into Sue's mouth. She could not take it all and it spilled out onto her cheeks and hand. I was now wanking like mad. I could not help myself as I moved to the bed and Sue took me in sucking my spunk into her mouth, swallowing hard. I fell back into the chair shaking and breathless. Sue and Dave lay together for a while before she cleaned herslf up. We all whent to the bar for a few drinks before returning to our room. Dave stayed the night with us and we gave Sue many more orgasms before the night was over. The next day after Dave had left we talked and could not believe Sue had gone from not feeling another man for over 15 years to sleeping with two in the same night in the space of a few months. She was happy and we dont know what the future will bring.