Written by dan

8 Jun 2004

I was going through our porn collection we keep in the bedroom, some are straight from amsterdam and some are copies.I usually write a cryptic clue as to whats on each tape, so as not to be too obvious what they are ,in case the kids ask "whats debbie does dallas?" etc.I have quite a lot of tapes of me and the missus at it in the bedroom , and some that i shot outdoors, the usual stuff lifting her skirt up ,showing stockings etc. I found a tape that i didnt recognise ,it being maxcell and i only use jvc, the label stated "happy days" i was puzzled cos i dont recall taping happy days and if i did what was it doing with our porn? I put it in the machine and sure enough "monday ,Tuesdays Happy days, Thursday ,Friday Happy days. then blank ,the credits barely lasted 20 seconds and then a bed appeared fronted by a bloke in the picture ,which was wobbling fom being a hand held shot, he was wearing a wig , dress , and makeup. He lifted his dress up to show stockings and a hardon enclosed by purple knickers. "Is this ok mistress? "he said as he lay on the bed "Just lie down and play with yourself for now" said a voice which was very familiar. He lay on the bed ,lifted the dress up and pulled his cock from the side of the knickers and began to wank a fair sized hardon.The picture began to wobble as the camera was being put down and refocussed on the bed again. A woman appeared in shot i could only see her back ,she was wearing a tight black see through dress with hold up stockings .She climbed onto the bed knelt astride the guy grabbed his cock and lowered herself onto it until all i could see were his balls being squashed by her arse. She began to ride his cock very vigorously up and down . I could see pussy juice running down the guys cock and onto his balls. This was turning me on. I didnt know where this tape was from it was obviously someones home porn movie but what was it doing in our collection?