Written by dan

9 Jun 2004

I was watching a home porn, that id found in my collection of a woman, riding a bloke who was wearing stockings, a dress ,stilletos, a wig ,and makeup. His cock was a fair size and the woman was obviously enjoying herself because the moans were very loud.I didnt recognise the bloke and all i could see was the back of the woman .The setting was unfamiliar, so i was puzzled how it came to be mixed up in my collection .After about 5 minutes, of the woman riding the bloke ,she climbed slowly off his cock. His cock was glistening with juices and was twitching .The woman kept her back to the camera and walked out of shot leaving the trannie to slowly wank himself. She reappeared into the shot naked but for a pair of holdup stockings and lay on the bed .I still couldnt see her face which was still out of the shot but i got the shock of my life when i realised that the rose tattoo on the woamns belly was the same as my wifes. I froze the picture and stared , I looked closely the tits were the same ,the tatoo, it was my missus ,videoing herself being fucked by a guy in drag.The bloke stood up pulled his dress of just leaving bra knickers ,stockings and stilletos on. He climbed between my wifes thighs , grabbed both legs ,put them on his shoulders and pushed his cock ito her . The angle of the camera meant i couldnt see penetration but could see him giving her a good fucking. She was groaning very loudly and swearing, something she doesnt do with me, and he was saying "You love your cock in a frock dont you mistress? ". I heard her say "Shut the fuck up and keep screwing me you tart".I was very turned on now.I knew she had other blokes now and then but only ever got to hear about it I hadnt seen her in action before except with me on video. He carried on fucking her for nearly 10 minutes and then grunted he was cumming. He thrust his arse and then another grunt and he collapsed on her.After a few second he climbed off and his cock appeared all slimy and softening.He reached over and picked the camera up . He focussed the camera and zoomed right in on her pussy to show it all red ,open, and oozing cum .He reached to her and stuck two fingers in her pussy and scooped some cum out of her and rubbed it into her pubes.He then walked over to her face and put his cock to her mouth where he filmed my lovely missus licking all their mixed juices off his cock