Written by Keith

16 Dec 2004

I was living in Plymouth during the working week and travelling home to Bristol at the weekends. My accommodation was provided by my employer and there was a chap who took charge of all of the allocated accommodation and ensured that everything was kept up to scratch. That was Doug. Our paths crossed almost every day and we would spend the time of day together but I would not say that we were good friends. Anyway after a time Doug invited me to his home for dinner and I accepted with pleasure. I arrived at his home in Plymouth and met him and his wife Evelyn, she was lovely and made me feel very welcome. She is a tall lady with a lovely figure and a great smile and we spent a wonderful evening together. Evelyn had spent quite some time preparing for the evening and everything was perfect. At an appropriate time I made a move to leave and return to my accommodation, Doug very kindly offered me a bed for the night which I politely refused and drove back into town. I attended their home and had several meals with them always being invited to stay over but always declining for no other reason than work the following day.

Eventually after one evening with them when I made to leave Doug again invited me to stay over, this time because I had drunk more than was safe to drive I accepted and was eventually shown to a bedroom. I had nothing with me so I stripped down to my briefs and climbed into bed. I think I was almost asleep when I thought that I heard my name being called. I listened and thought I must have been dreaming then I heard it again. This time I answered and I heard Doug's voice inviting me to join them. Again Doug called out 'Come and join us'. I stepped out of bed conscious that my tiny briefs hardly covered my fully erect cock. As I walked slowly to their room my mind was racing, what if I had misheard or misunderstood, there would be hell to play. I gently opened the door to their room and stepped inside, there was only a dim light burning but I could see them both in bed. Doug took the bedclothed and flipped them of Evelyn revealing her totally naked body to my eyes and he said join us. Wasting no more time I slipped in beside her and felt her arms around me. I also felt a hand on my cock but it was not Evelyn's, Doug was feeling me and trying to get my briefs off. I offered no resitance and felt them pulled down my legs and off. After felling Evelyn's body all over and finding her fanny wet and open I postioned myself between he legs and felt Doug's hand guiding my cock into his wife's fanny. It was wonderful, exciting and deeply satisfying. I rode her tenderly but forcefuly ensuring that every inch went deep inside her and gave her full pleasure. She was wonderful. We spent the whole night making love to her one after the other. Doug was constatly getting me to fuck her, although I did not need an invitation. When my cock went limp Doug would massage it back to life or Evelyn would suck it to full erection and we would start all over again. I was amazed that Doug got so much of a thrill and pleasure in seeing me fuck his wife and suck her tits and fanny. He wanted to see my cock actually going in and out of her love passage as I rode her. I began to feel that I would like to see Moira in this same situation being fucked by another man, perhaps even Doug. Doug and Evelyn met Moira sometime later at a social event and I mentioned to him that I would like to see him fuck Moira and would he be interested. His answer was immediate Yes! When! I now had the task of talking Moira into it. Which after some time I did and she agreed. The outcome of which you can read in my story of 9th October Wife watching Holiday. To anyone who has not tried it I can tell you that as long as you both agree it is a wonderful experience and brings you both closer together. The thrill of watching your wife being pleasured by another man id second to none. I don't mean humiliation or anything sill just plain straight sex. Try it sometime.