Written by dambuster

4 Oct 2004

It was unusually bright and warm for a late September afternoon as I drove westbound along the A14 towards Huntingdon, where I would pick up the A1 for the last leg of today. I figured I might make the services at Grantham before being forced by the clock to stop for the night. If I didn’t make Grantham, it wouldn’t matter too much as I’d showered an hour ago on the dock after picking up the load I now had.

As I looked into the distance, I saw lots of brake lights coming on and the traffic begin to slow. I was still 2 or 3 miles from the roadworks ahead so knew this would be a long hold up. Just what I needed!! I knocked off the cruise control and dropped half a gear to let the engine slow me a little. I did the usual checks; speedo, rev counter, air gauge pressures and re-checked my mirrors. As I looked in the offside mirror I saw a car hanging back, quite close to the rear corner of my trailer. The lights flashed and I thought to myself that the car was far too close for me to pull out so I indicated once to the left that would have told another lorry driver “Thanks, but I’m staying here”

There it was again – flash flash. I get a little concerned now. Are my back doors open? Do I have a flat tyre I’ve not noticed? Is there something wrong somewhere? Flash-flash. It’s always a little suspicious when a car hangs off the back quarter for no aparant reason so I decide to keep an eye on the Saab convertible that seems intent on gaining my attention.

By now we’re almost at the tail of the queue that has formed and the Saab is still only about half way along my trailer. It’s close enough now for me to see it’s being driven by a very attractive blonde, wearing an open necked blouse. Convertible Saab, driven by a pretty blond trying to get my attention. My imagination goes into overtime and I back off the throttle a little more than is absolutely necessary. As the car gets closer I can see her looking up into my mirror, smiling. I can see now that she’s wearing a light blue blouse with the top few buttons undone showing just the top of her cleavage. She pulls a little further forward and is now in the perfect place for me to have a fantastic view into the car. The only disappointment is that she’s got the roof up so I can only see her from about shoulder height and down. I see that the blouse is part of what I would call a business suit, worn above a very smart pinstriped skirt, above a pair of very shapely, tanned thighs. I check forward, on the traffic and return my gaze to the Saab. We’re almost at a standstill now so only allow myself a quick glimpse. As we draw to a complete stop, I look down again and I’m sure her skirt has risen even higher and her knees have parted. I see her move her left hand about, out of my view but it looks to me as though she’s fiddling with somewhere around her breasts. There is no hard shoulder so I can’t ease left to reduce the angle of sight and get a better view and I curse the height of my cab. The traffic moves on a few yards but I’m glad to say she stays right at the side of me. When I look back into her car, she is very slowly running her nails up and down the top of her thighs. As she reaches just above her knee, her hand moves to the inner part of her leg and begins to stroke upwards towards the top of her inner thigh, stopping just at the hem of her skirt and starts stroking from her inner thigh outwards to the front and then back again. I can see that her breathing is becoming deeper and more pronounced. I can only imagine her breasts heaving, slowly up and down. She’s getting as much out of this as I; if not more. That pleases me and makes the erection that’s forming even more pleasurable.

The traffic begins to move forward and I’m devastated to see her pull too for forward. Ah well, it was good while it lasted. And very good indeed. When the traffic stopped again, she was about three truck lengths in front of me and I prayed that my lane would move off before hers. There was no need. As my lane did move, I saw the roof of her car raise and stow itself away. Now that’s just teasing!! My lane stopped again but she was still a couple of car lengths in front. I could now see her golden locks of shoulder length blond hair swaying in the slight breeze and got quite a twinge in my still erect knob as she ran her fingers through her hair and shook it out the way you girls do.

The traffic moved on a little more and I noticed the gap between her and the car in front of her increase. Was she waiting for me? I could but hope! It turns out, she was. I draw level and once more look down into the car I can see that the fiddling she was doing earlier was actually her unbuttoning her blouse. She looked up, directly in my eyes and smiled a very warm, welcoming smile. I looked down onto her and took in the beauty of the moment. There she sat, in all her feminine splendour, her blouse unbuttoned to the navel showing a magnificent cleavage supported by a very lacy white bra. Her skirt pulled so high it had almost disappeared, showing the most gorgeous pair of legs I’d seen in a good while. I’m sure I glimpsed a view of white underwear as I drew just a little too far forward. The autumnal sun played softly in her hair and made her look all the more radiant. I was enjoying this for too much when she looked up again, smiled the warm smile again, winked and looked at the huge gap that was between her and the car in front; and at the huge gap between me and the van that was ahead of me. We looked back at each other, she shrugged her shoulders as I mouthed the word “Thank you”. I saw her press the button to raise her soft top and she was gone.