Written by Just Paul

28 Oct 2004

Early January, with the snow on the ground, I went to a single/separated night-club and was about to be stranded at 2am because all the taxis without bookings had stopped running due to the bad weather. I was beginning to wonder how the heck I was going to get home because it was a long way to walk.

It was freezing outside and the ground was covered with about four inches of snow. I got talking to a girl in the queue for the coats and managed to cadge a lift in the taxi she and her friend had ordered earlier. They were going my way, more or less, but who cared anyway?

We stood outside waiting for our transport. As the other girl's bloke was keeping her warm I thought I may aswell make a move on mine with the pretence of keeping her warm too. I wrapped my great coat around her and we both gave each other a cuddle. She nuzzled inside and gently pulled my shirt out and pushed her hands up behind my back, stroking me with long, sharp fingernails.

The taxi drew up and we gave each other a spontaneous kiss on the lips, as if to keep each other going till we got somewhere else.

I sat in the front. She was in the back with her friend and the other guy. We were all chatting and laughing a little drunkenly as I slowly slid my hand behind me and touched her arm. Our hands clasped, fingers interlinking, alternately caressing each other's palms. The back of my hand touched her leg and I felt the unmistakably smooth, silken, sexy sheen of stockings.

Alcohol had removed any inhibitions I might have had and I boldly placed my hand on her leg, gradually stroking it higher and higher until it came to her stocking tops. I teased at the edges before moving further onto a soft warm thigh. She gently opened her legs, inviting me to continue. Meanwhile, her friend and partner were too busy with each other to notice what we were up to, but their activities were certainly making us both feel horny.

I gently stroked the inside of her thigh, and slipped my fingers under and along the edge of her satin panties. She groaned gently and pushed herself towards me, parting her legs even wider. I traced a finger along the length of her slit, causing the silky material to become wet with her juices. My fingers crept in as I slowly stroked her lips, turning my hand around and placing a thumb underneath. She squirmed as I worked my thumb fully into her, making her gasp. At the same time I gently stroked round her clitoris, making her shudder - a shade away from orgasm.

I pressed against my own sex with my other hand. My cock was rock hard and straining inside my trousers. I manoeuvred it so it could stand comfortably upright. At this point the taxi arrived at her house so we got out and left her friend and bloke behind.

It was freezing outside as we struggled though the snow to the front doorstep. It was deathly quiet as we stood at the front door. I gently kissed her mouth and her soft lips yielded invitingly. I slowly swirled my tongue around and behind her lips and she met it with her own. Our tongues played with each other and I forced mine deeply into her mouth at the same time as I pressed my hand onto her vulva. We hurriedly felt around each other's bodies, seeking out any exposed flesh to play with, pressing pussy and cock together while we grabbed each other's arse cheeks.

It was time to get warm. With my hands feeling her all over, she managed to get the door open and we stood inside the warm porch, neither of us wanting to wait another second before we got inside each other's clothes. My cock stood rigid, peeping just above the top of my belt. As she played with the tip of it with her fingers I pulled her tight skirt up to her waist to grab her buttocks and squeeze them. I pulled them hard apart so her pussy lips were also spread open and she sighed in my ear "Please, I want your cock ".

She gently pulled my zip down and caressed the length of my shaft before firmly cradling my tight balls in her palm. I slid my hand down the back of her knickers and pushed a finger between her legs into her hot, lubricated pussy.

"Please - fuck me hard. You horny bastard - I want you so badly - right now". She turned to make a move for the stairs and I followed close behind. I grabbed at the back of her knickers as she went up and held onto the gusset, pushing a finger into her juices as she moved. I grabbed her shoulder at the top of the landing and sat her down on the top step. Kneeling in front of her, I ripped open her blouse and tore at her bra. She laid back, wrapping a stocking clad leg around my back.

I licked up her stomach and sucked greedily on a nipple. She gasped and pressed back at my still constrained cock with her pubis. I pushed at her entrance with the tip, making her moan. I slid down the stairs and licked at the top of her leg. She groaned and placed a leg over my shoulder, encouraging me to carry on.

I lazily teased at the damp patch rapidly forming at the front of her panties until she squirmed - desperate for me to remove the last barrier to her sex. I grabbed at the sides of her panties and gently eased them off, her legs coming together momentarily before opening apart to release the heavy, musky perfume of her pent up heat. I lapped at her juices and licked with long, slow strokes from the base of her slit right up to the top, teasing gently around her clitoris, occasionally pressing hard on it with the flat of my wet tongue.

As she writhed with pleasure I rolled her right back with her legs in the air, tops of her toes resting on my shoulders, so I could gain full access to her cunt. With her sex totally exposed, I forced my long tongue deep into her.

"Please, fuck me, now. I'm desperate for it. I want your fat cock inside me!" She pleaded, whilst putting her hands under her body to get to my rigid length, which was straining heavily to be touched. I gasped as her cool hand wanked at it whilst her other pushed my trousers down.

She pulled me to her and I slipped straight into her soaking pussy. I let it slip out a few times so it would slide on top of her clit, alternately sliding back into her warmth. We rocked together gently for a few minutes, slowly cooking in each other's sex.

I looked down at the very sexy sight before me; with her skirt pulled right up to her waist; stockinged legs wide apart and blouse half open with her breasts barely covered by the bra. I started a gentle fucking rhythm inside her and at the same time licked and sucked at her nipples.

Gradually, we got faster and faster. She wound her legs around me and squeezed for greater leverage. The top of my thighs began to slap hard against her arse cheeks as we gained momentum. I stuck my tongue in her ear, making her squirm. To fill her every possible way, I crept my hand under her arse cheeks and tentatively touched the bud of her anus; it responded involuntarily, inviting my well lubricated finger to explore further. The excitement was heightened for both of us as I gently frigged at her arse whilst hammering away at her pussy.

We were both moaning aloud and moving in perfect rhythm, both ready to climax. She groaned at me to fuck her harder still. That was the signal for us both to increase the tempo even higher and we ground away at each other, still semi clothed, raping each other's bodies as we both began to come violently. She pleaded to me to keep going as I groaned in pleasure; and we both shook as a tremendous climax overcame our bodies simultaneously. We seemed to be coming for minutes, almost trying to hold back the full orgasm, as if in an attempt to make it last forever.

I collapsed, exhausted, on top of her, taking the weight on my elbows as she held me tight with her legs. "You gorgeous, gorgeous bastard" she said. "You fucking horny slut", I added, and kissed her soft lips. I could feel something stirring inside me again, already..........

"Champagne?" She asked, as we sunk into a soft black leather settee, having had a quick shower. She had changed into something new, a short, tight, satin skirt and silk shirt, with a gorgeous, sexy perfume to match. I was wearing just a pair of dark grey silk boxer shorts with a silk chinese dressing gown she had lent me. It slid around sexily on the leather, eventually making me hard and strangely embarrassed, considering what we had just been doing!

The snow outside was coming down as a blizzard, now, and I was pleased I was not trecking home in it. Inside, a hot coal fire was blazing in front of us and a huge, soft sheepskin rug lay invitingly at our feet. The champagne went down nicely accompanied by a tumbler of iced orange juice and some strawberries. What a midnight treat - the second one that evening! We chatted a while and exchanged names; it was curious how attracted we were to each other, even though we hadn't even noticed each other in the club.

Our hands played with each other, my fingers pressing hers with those delightfully long nails. I could just imagine her playing them along my shaft as my pulse began to race again. She suddenly shuddered in pretence of feeling cold and dropped down to curl up on the sheepskin in the warmth. I lay down beside her and curled my body around her. We lay like that for a few minutes.

We kissed gently at first, getting more forceful as I knelt in front of her. I feverishly pulled her skirt to her waist and grasped her buttocks, alternately pressing them together and then apart, pulling her pussy lips open each time. I pressed my cock against her mound and ground it against her.

I was pleased she had got properly dressed again because it all added to the sensual pleasure to undress someone. I unfastened her shirt and gently teased her bra over her hard right nipple, so it popped out invitingly to be greedily sucked upon by me. My cock was rampant as she slowly stroked it through the smooth, silky material, gradually pulling the waistband over the tip. I gasped as she took me in her mouth to savour my warmth, pulling the shorts off me.

I dragged her skirt down, eased her shirt off and unfastened her bra. I gasped as I saw her totally naked for the first time and pushed her back into the deep pile. I lay on top as our legs intertwined and we rolled and writhed around, kissing and groping each other.

She then lay on her back and eased her legs apart. After inhaling her musky warmth, I licked slowly along her thighs, teasing next to her pussy lips until she was squirming. My tongue flicked over her and I gave her long, slow licks all the way up and down, sucking gently at the juices, lapping at her clit and then forcing my tongue into her hole.

There was so much that we both wanted to do but we were both too desperate for each other to spend any more time with foreplay. We were both ready and I laid her back with her legs on my shoulders. I rubbed my cock up and down her wet cunt several times till she begged me to come inside her. I placed it at the entrance to her hole and just put the tip in, gently moving it in and out just a fraction, cooking there, getting her ready for what was coming. We both sensed it was time and I slowly pushed in up to the hilt, staying there rocking whilst we both delighted in the feeling.

I pulled back to the entrance and teased backwards and forwards six times, for just an inch. I then gave an almighty push and pummelled her furiously for about a dozen strokes that left her gasping with pleasure. Another few small, slow strokes, followed by more long, fast ones and she was moaning for more.

Another few gentle rocks and we were both on the verge of coming. I thrashed in and out of her, my pubic bone mating perfectly with her clit to give her maximum pleasure.

"Fuck me with your cock - hard", she screamed. She wrapped her legs tightly around my back and we both started to moan in unison as we felt an orgasm crashing through us. Our bodies trembled as we came together in total ecstasy. We collapsed exhausted, and lay in an embrace, gasping for air, love juices everywhere between our bodies.

"Thanks", she said. "That's really great when we pretend not to know each other and just pick each other up at the end of the night". "Yes, brilliant isn't it?", I replied and pulled a handily positioned quilt over to cover us. I leant over to pour the last glass of champagne to share between us. "Cheers" I declared, giving her a soft kiss on the lips. I could feel myself getting horny yet again. .......