Written by kenny

6 Nov 2004

Hiya everyone (and Steve and Anne ;-) nice story) Ive had a few emails since my first story so here goes with my most recent.

It was early one Sunday morning and i was feeling horny as hell. I decided to go for a cruise around some of my fave spots. I dropped off my car and went for a walk in the sandhills again. I caught sight of a guy hanging around some bushes, well away from the paths that criss-cross the hills. I caught his eye and slowly wandered off to a quieter spot, and good as gold he followed behind.

He caught up and we both said hello and sat on the side of a hill (i was too nervous to go into the bushes incase anyone crept up on us) I was nervous but he broke the ice by grabbing my limp dick through my jeans, rubbing my cock and balls, rubbing my shaft between his thick fingers.....such a lovely feeling. My cock started to grow and he unzipped me and slipped his hand inside my pants, fiddling with the buttons on my boxers before the cold of his hands wrapped around my dick. He was about 15 years older than me, quite a tall guy with dyed curly hair (hello if your reading) he was very pleasant and i was looking forward to seeing his dick. I reached over and unbuttoned him and grabbed hold of his cock. Quite thick but smaller than mine. I started pumping him as he wanked me. "Do you want me to fuck you?" he asked. I told him i didnt want to go that far yet. Without warning he glanced around, then went down on me.....i love that wet/warm sensation of a mouth sucking in all of my dick. "Nice dick youve got" he said between mouthfulls.

He dragged my pants down and grabbed a handfull of my arse, pulling my cock deeper into his throat....fantastic! Next thing i knew his finger was tring to find my bum hole. He found it and tickeled me while i pumped my cock into his noisey slobbering mouth.

was close to cumming so we switched places and i took his cock into my mouth for the first time. He let out a gasp as i slowly teased his cock to full hardness. "Fuck my mouth" i asked after puling his dick out of my mouth, "I like to have my head held and my mouth fucked". He smiled and said ok, and proceeded to pound my mouth. I grabbed his arse with both hands and pulled him into me until i was gagging on his glands......my dick almost exploded with excitement.

I told him i was going to cum, so he pulled my head back and we wanked each other off. My spunk started to fly, so he reached into his pocket and pulled out a hanky and wiped the cum off my belly. We messed around for another 10 mins during which time i came twice more. He didnt shoot his load even though i was pumping him the whole time.

Eventually some dog walkers came too close and we had to split. I thanked him and raced back to my car. I passed him on the way out of the carpark, and he smiled and waved. Shame i didnt get his number as i wanted that to be the first time i tasted cum, maybe next time???