Written by k

20 Nov 2004

I popped the cam on the bedside table and told paul to lie down and relax. I lay down beside him and told him to play with me. He run his hands up and down my stomach, chest and stocking clad legs. Our bodies toched and the feel of our smooth legs and lacy undies felt fantastic.

"Wank me" i instructed. Paul almost froze, so i guided his hand onto the outside of my knickers. My cock was almost bursting. I reached down and pulled out my dick, then took his hand and wrapped it around my length. I He stroked me slowly at first. "how does your first cock feel?" i asked. "hard, warm and very nice" was his reply.

"Your turn now" he said. I moved my hand over his knicker clad bulge, this lad was big. He may have been slim but my fingers didnt touch when i took him in my hand and wanked him. We played about for half and hour, stopping each other when we got close to cumming. We wee so turned on i wasnt true, grinding together like a pair of lusty lesbians.

"I think its time you sucked your first dick Paul....." I kneeled on the bed and moved him around so his cute little face was infront of my throbbing dick. He was reluctant to starts I pushed my fingers through his hair,grabbed a handfull, and pulled his head towards me..."Open you mouth" i said. He opended his mouth and i slid my dick all the ay in until he gagged and pushed me away. We carried on an after a few mins Paul was sucking my cock better than any girlfriend ever could. He was slurping and gagging but was determined to finish the job. I was in heaven. As i looked down at him, he looked up with a throat full of my cock. I couldnt stop myself and came in his mouth. I sa the shock in his eyes but he didnt pull away and swallowed the lot. I collapsed on the bed, as he continued to milk me dry until my cock wilted.

"Your turn" i said. I sat up with my back to the wall. I told Paul to stand in front of me and fuck my mouth. He slowly pushed his monster cock into my mouth. "Ive never had my dick sucked before" he said. I thought i best make a good job of this for him. I grabbed his little arse cheecks and pulled him towards me. His huge cock hit the back of my throat and forced my head backards into the wall.....HEAVEN. I was gagging on a 9" cock which belonged to a 18yr old bi virgin dressed in a white basque and stockings. "harder...harder" i shouted between strokes. He grabbed my head and pounded his meat into my slobbering mouth. His thrusts got quicker and quicker until he forced the full 9" down my throat, and shot his cum into me. I swallowed what i could before coughing. he shot the remainder over my face and slumped to his knees....straddling my crotch.

BIG MISTAKE! I was hard again and he almost speared himself on my dick. "Go on, take it up your arse" i asked. "Im not sure" he replied. As he stood their with his cock in my face, i reached over and grabbed a condom. I slipped it over my bell end and unrolled it. I also slapped a bit of lube on his arse and fingered his backside to loosen him up. After a few mins he was relaxing and taking two fingers. "Sit on it" i told him.

Paul bent his knees and slowly lowered his tight little hole onto the end of my erect cock. Bit by bit he got lower and lower until he had a good two inches up his arse. He was so tight! I lowered him onto his back and held his legs up in the air. I then bent his legs back over his head so i had total access and control over his ass. In one long smooth push i buried myself up to the hilt in his virgin arse. The noises he made set me off and i spunked inside him instantly. We lay there for 5 mins not moving, me slowly going soft in his backside until i slipped out.

I'll tell you more in a few days. I am still looking for guys like paul. Young, horny and bi/curious.