Written by Bill

13 Dec 2004

I am a single 38-year-old male who lives near Chester. I put an ad on here for a couple, not really expecting much response. There are so many single males looking for couples and so many time wasters that poor old couples seem to have an unenvious task of weeding out the serious players from the chaff.

I got a few replies and then I got an email from a Wirral couple that seemed serious. They sent their photographs. They both looked quite nice, same as their description and looked at ease with each other. They said they had loads of experience at MMF but wanted more. We agreed to swap mobile numbers and arranged to meet at a pub in Neston, which is halfway between my house in Chester and theirs in Hoylake.

I am always a sceptic with these meets, but they did turn up as arranged and actually did look like their photograph. We settled down for a chat and a drink. They didn't have as much as experience as they had made out. They had gone to a few dogging sites at the Gun site, which I don't do, because of the risk of robbery etc. Basically all they had ever done was some masturbation in front of other fellas with no contact. I told them a few of my stories and what I had experienced. They agreed that they would like to try it. When the male, call him Andy had gone to the toilet, I ascertained that the lady, call her Jo, had not been co-erced into things. It seemed that she was the one that was pushing the reality of doing it rather than Andy. They had mentioned it a lot when making love and she wanted it to become a reality.

We agreed to go to their own house and I followed in my car. When we got there, I saw it was a nice house, clean, tidy and about right for what they said they did for a living. He was in a private company as a Manager and she was a Solicitor.

We had a glass of wine and a film was put on. It was all about MMMMMF and she appeared turned on. I told them that this was the awkward stage. Given that they had invited me back to their house, we all knew what was going to happen, so we all decided just to get undressed at once and sit naked.

Jo was lovely, 5'2", slim size 10, long black straight hair, toned and tanned. Andy was my build and height, 6',athletic and toned.

We sat down with Jo between us and she took both our cocks in each hand, slowly masturbating us. We were both the same size, about 7 inches and medium thickness.

She was slightly tipsy, I assumed to take away the nervousness. She lent forward and took me in her mouth gently, just sucking the top half of my cock. Andy was mesmerised and just gaped as she sucked me slowly. He knelt up and pushed himself towards her cunt and just slipped in, She moaned and he started to go hell for leather.

I told him to stop and pull out. He was obviously hyped up and close to cuming. I told him to go down on Jo and he did, roughly tonguing her. I started to feel like my cum was rising and pulled out her mouth.

I said to Andy, "why don't we both get rid of our cum and last longer later". He agreed and Jo got to her knees. Andy entered her and fucked her like mad, cuming in seconds. I said that I would go next and I did the same, only lasting about a minute.

We all sat down and got another drink while we talked about how to do what I had said in my add. After about ten minutes, Andy and I were starting to get really hard. I suggested what was to then happen. Andy reached across and staring fingering Jo's arse.

Jo got some lube and put it around her arsehole. I lay down on the carpet and Jo lowered herself onto me. My cock slid into her arse and she lay back on top of me. I put my arms over hers and arched her back up, giving slow short thrusts up her arse. Her cheeks were against mine as we fucked, kissing ech other and gasping. Andy knelt down and staring to lick her clit and she came within seconds. I told him to keep going and she came again within minutes. Andy then moved forward and put his cock in her cunt. He started to fuck her and I stepped up my thrusts. Jo was in heaven and started screaming in ecstasy. Jo came time and time again. I came after her and shortly later Andy came. We all lay there [panting, Jo the meat in a cock sandwich).

I remained hard, as did Andy. I said to Jo' "can you take two cocks up front". She said she had never tried. We both pulled out and put on new condoms. We took the same position and I went in first. Once I was in, Andy put his cock in her and we started again. We took about a minute to get our rhythm sorted, then off we went. Jo was bucking like mad and screaming "fuck me fuck me".

Andy started to moan and suddenly pulled out. He straddled Jo's face,pulled his condom off and shot big wads of cum over her. Some hit me in the face as my face was beside hers, but I didn't mind. I kept thrusting and Andy went back to her, licking her clit while I fucked her cunt. I came and we lay still again.

We both were really hard still, it's natural when you are doing extreme stuff. We moved Jo onto Andy as he lay on his back. He entered her and I knelt behind. I put my feet either side of her, in front of her knees and entered her arse. I was in hilt deep and we both fucked her so hard, she started cuming over and over again,till me and Andy had shot our load.

We finished at that point. We all have busy jobs and I had work in the morning. We all had a glass of wine and I went home to rest. I have their home number and hope to see them again this week. It shows that these ads can work. Like-minded people can meet like-minded people. My ad number is 188617