Written by steve

18 Jan 2005

This happened when I was about 18. I lived in a country area and my friend lived over the fields. I was walking over to his place close to a country lane just off the main road. There was a copse by the lane and just as I was passing it I heard a car coming down the road and stop quite suddenly. I heard the door open and and footsteps moving very quickly.I was fairly well hidden and saw this woman come thro the hedge. She was late thirties and wearing a black skirt and top.She was holding herself in her crutch and obviously absolutely desperate to pee. She was trying to make it to the copse but couldn't hold it and ripped her skirt up. She immediately pulled her panties down but was already peeing in her knickers - as she pulled her panties down I could see her peeing into them. She never made to a full squat but stood partly crouched with her now wet knickers round her knees and the piss pouring out of her in torrents. I was slightly behind and by now reasonably well hidden. The pee was going everywhere with sone splahing into her knickers. I immediately had a raging hard on and when she had finished she stepped out of her wet knickers. I couldn't hold it and just came in my pants!! No wanking no nothing - just did it. I have often recalled the story in my private moments and it always makes me cum!!