Written by johnneuk1

31 Oct 2006

searching through the photo adds one day came across ad by female married but seeking married guys for NSA fun

thinking nothing would happen and as she only lived 30 miles away I replied also i was single 40 she only 34

any way few days later i got areply , to cut long story short after few long chats on messenger one failed meet

we arranged a quick spur of moment meet in a lakeside car park about half way from where we lived

I arrived early nervous with sexual tension not having had a wank for few days wondering if she would show the park was quite busy cars coming and going so though even if she did show not much could happen

her car pulled into the car park we recognised each other from our messenger chats she parked next to me got out , got into the passanger seat of my car.

about 5ft6 colar length brown hair jumper jeans slim but not skinny body with curves in right places.

and a pair of sexy greeny blue eyes.

we talked for a bit her name was lorna, she liked to meet guys, while hubby was at work and kids at school for some excitemnt she was,nt getting at home

normally it was only married guys she met thought it was safer, but she had took a chance on me as I a genuine guy

my hand was rubbing her thigh through her jeans getting closer to her pussy we started to kiss her hand came down popped the button on her jeans she slid the zip down as my hand teased her nipples under her bra,hard and stiff her breathing began to quicken i slid my hand down between her thighs into her knickers her pussy moist i spread her pussy lips as best i could her jeans restricting my rather large hand, my finger found her love button she let out a gasp as only a sexually aroused woman can i worked on her clit rubbing little circles over it her breathing became quicker panting in short gasps till finaly she thrust her pussy onto my fingers gasping gripping me tight ,her pussy juice washed over my fingers as she came.

we sat a few mins as she recovered she did up her jeans then turned to mine unbuckling my belt , my button then unzipping the fly, my cock now straining to be free sprang to attention as she grasped it pumping back the fore skin ,the tip covered with pre come,

she bent forward licking the tip then taking the head in her mouth began a slow pumping motion with her mouth it felt great and i was having trouble holding back I asked her if she swallowed, she lifted her head yes of course I do love the taste, go on then i replyed,

she dropped her head into my lap her mouth enveloped my cock as she sucked deep pumping me in her mouth, faster she pumped ,the feel of her mouth and tounge on my cock driving me crazy wanting to come but not wanting the sensation to end, till i could hold back no longer gasped as my cock shot the first thick wad of spunk ing the back of her throat i must have pumped half a dozen or more wads into her mouth as good as her word she swallowed the lot rising only when I was licked clean

we both notice the time was running out she had to be back for kids from school so we tidyed up arranged another meet with more time went our seperate ways

proof photo adds work i thinkthat was last of few encounters i,v had from adds section might tell more,if i get time who knows ???