Written by Joyce

29 Jan 2004

I'am Joyce in my late 40's 5'5''tall 36c 30 40 long blonde hair nice legs brown eyes. My husband has a small eng business with six guys work for him I do the morning and cover when my husband is away. Last year he got a big contract which meant a lot of overtime weekend work and a couple of the guys had to work away. He promised them a special treat as well as their xmas bonus we kept tring to think of something special one time he was reading the stories on here when he showed me the about a guy raffling his wife to the staff and said what do you think without the raffle I thought about it for a few days and said ok with some variations.

We found a hotel we could book a suite for the day we organized some adult DVD's. Prior to the day we used some insurance pensions excuse for them to have a HIV test still saying nothing about the treat. Come the day we just said to leave home as usual but go to the hotel so as not to cause problems as home and as for the day we said it was just a blokes day out porno films and stripers.

As they arrived at the hotel we were both in the room to meet them with porno film playing coffee buckfizz and bacon butties to start the day of. Some of the guys asked if I was staying for the day I just said maybe I still had my coat on so as not to reveal to much.

By the end of the second film everyone was starting to relax the conversation was disgusting I put on some music and went to the bathroom put the finishing touches to my outfit. I came back into the lounge wearing my red lace thong and matching bra black see though blouse red rap round skirt just above the knee red seamed fishnet stockings red sussy belt and knee high boots evening gloves and feather bouer.

Their faces where a picture I started the most embarising thing I have done in my life dancing is something I enjoy so that wasn't to hard moving the feather bouer around then letting it fall to the floor a few more trips round and I slowly removed my blouse they were now stating to realise it was for real the bosses wife was stripping for them. I couldn't resist ken always tries to pull my tops to look at my tits so I went up to him and stood him in front of me put his arms round to my back and said come on nows your chance to see them properly at which he undid my bra and removed it to a cheer from the rest. I stopped him from sittting down and put his hands on them he didn't much encoragement to fondle and such my nipples I went rond the room till everyone had had a good play. A bit more dancing and my skirt was of I was now relaxing into this stripping.

It take a long time this writing part two will have to follow.