Written by Helen

5 Feb 2004

Ten months ago I was working late as I had to have a report typed up for my boss for the following mornings meeting. I got myself a quick coffee from the kitchen and went back to my office I glance up at the clock thinking its 6.30 and this report was going to take a least 2 hours to finish. As I got to my office door the security guard Frank was doing the first of his rounds he called out Hi Helen working late again I nodded saying have to finish a very important report so I could be here for a while.

I typed away trying to get the report finished so I could head off home. As I got to the last two pages the door opened Frank popped his head round the door saying still here then I smiled saying I was nearly finished Frank walked into my office closing the door behind him, I asked him what he wanted as he walked round towards me behind my desk. Without saying a word he pulled me up from my seat and kissed me full on the lips I was shocked but didn't try to stop him as my body started to tingle as it had been a long time since a man had kissed me and the first time that I let ever let a black man kiss me.

I felt his hand run over my bum and very gently squeezing it I could feel him getting excited as he pulled me closer towards him. I responded by letting his tongue slip into my mouth as we kissed I placed my arms round his neck. The feeling coming over me was like nothing I had felt before. Suddenly his radio went off a voice asked where he was he replied room 349 I sat back down thinking that was that and that he would now go. But he undid his trousers and released his big fully erect cock he placed his hands in my head and pulled it towards his cock, as my mouth get closer I opened my mouth as slowly his hard cock went into my mouth head eased my head back and forth as he started to slowly fuck my mouth.

I reached out a played with his balls as his cock went deeper into my mouth until it touched the back of my throat. The office opened and I jumped as George the second black guard walked in saying you lucky bastard having the horny secretary giving you a blow job, Frank pushed his cock back into my mouth as I felt George running his hands up my thighs easing them apart. My skirt was now up round my waist letting George and Frank see my black stockings and suspenders. George pulled my black lacy knickers to one side as he pushed a finger into my pussy which was getting wetter by the moment. They got me up from my seat and the pair of them slowly removed my blouse and skirt leaving me standing there in my black underwear. Both saying wow how sexy and horny I looked.

They moved either side of me George behind me and Frank standing in front of me George undid my bra releasing my tits as he removed it letting it drop to the floor before caressing each tit in his hands kissing my neck. Frank dropped to his knees pulling my knickers from me as I felt his tongue flick against my clit. They laid me on the floor George removed his uniform as Frank licked my pussy before kneeling by the side of me lifting my head so I could take his cock into my mouth as I mouth fucked him Frank removed his uniform then knelt between my legs I could feel his hard cock touching my pussy then felt him as he pushed his cock hard into me. I let out a scream as he was so big and hard much bigger then any of the other 3 guys I had fucked before.

Frank started to really fuck me hard hitting home with force as I tried to meet him by moving my hips sucking hard on the cock in my mouth. George told Frank it was his turn and they turned me over onto my hands and knees George soon had his cock which was almost the same size as Frank's in my pussy which was now very wet as I took Frank back into my mouth. I was getting so turned on as they both called me a little white slut and how I was their little white fuck whore.

George gripped my waist as he fucked me so hard Frank now pulled his cock from my mouth wanking it only inches from my open mouth.

Frank told George his was going to cum as they turned me on to my back Frank quickly moving between my legs pushing his cock into my pussy once more I told him I was not protected and asked him to be careful not to cum in me. Frank laughed lifting my ass from the floor slightly, yes I'm going cum he called out I closed my eyes hopping he would pull out Frank held my legs wide open and with one last hard thrust I felt him cum deep inside me. I laid there feeling him unloading his balls into my unprotected pussy as he smiled at George saying I've just filled her good. When he had finished George soon had his cock in my already well fucked and cum filled pussy. George laid over me and as he fucked me he kissed me, I moved my hips fucking him almost as hard as he fucked me knowing I was going to get my second load of black man cum shot in me.

He squeezed my ass telling me how it was now his turn to fill me. As we fucked I felt myself starting to shake as I couldn't believe I was having my first ever climax, I screamed out fuck me I'm cumin over your black cock. George really started banging his cock harder into me as I called out give me your cum fill my pussy fuck your baby up me. Moments later I felt him cum hard inside me.

They both got dressed and left me as I got dressed feeling their cum dribbling from my pussy. I finished typing the report and left for home.

Four mouths later they smiled at me knowing that one of them had made me pregnant I still don't know to this day which of them did.