Written by Anjali

8 May 2006

My name’s Anjali, I’m almost 30 and I’m married to my husband, Derek. We live near a large international hub airport in England, where I work in a Duty Free shop. I’m only short, but I have dusky skin, long dark hair, a slim waist and small A cup breasts with dark, conical nipples.

But my story’s not about my nipples, but how I use my job at the airport to satisfy myself and my husband.

About five years ago, when I had just started at the airport, we got a new manager in the shop and he took a liking to me. He was a real dish – over 6’ tall, handsome and very fit looking. But I was married and loyal to my husband, so I didn’t pay any attention to his flirting and come-ons.

A few weeks after he started, my car was in the garage for a service and my boss offered me a list home when my shift finished. Of course, a lift in a car is much more preferable to waiting in the cold and rain for an expensive bus that might not show anyway, so I said yes.

As we were driving towards my home we chatted and he flirted – then he suddenly pulled the car into a deserted car park, near an office complex. He undid his seat-belt, moved over and started kissing me. I wasn’t too keen on this, but as his hand moved between my thighs and started rubbing my cotton covered pussy I started to relax into his cologne. I started to kiss him back and my pussy started to moisten.

Soon he’d reclined my seat, moved on top of me and pulled down his trousers and my knickers while I pushed up my skirt. His thick penis forced its way past my lips and into my now wet vagina. No-one said anything, we just grunted as he pounded away on top of my exhilarated body. The sex didn’t last particularly long, but it was intense. Finally I felt his warmth inside me as his seed short towards my womb – but I hadn’t cum and wanted my release.

Once he had finished he pulled his trousers back up, moved back to the driver’s seat and re-started the car. I quickly pulled my knickers back up, pushed my shirt back down and said nothing as we drove towards my home.

Derek was already in bed when I got home and I quickly undressed (I never wear pyjamas or night dresses) and slid in beside him. He rolled over and I felt his semi-erect cock brush against me. I was still quite aroused, as I hadn’t got off in the car, earlier.

Derek started making “Mmmmmm” noises and gently caressed me before kissing and nuzzling at my breasts. I’ve always been very responsive to that sort of gentle love-making and felt my pulse raise as I my arousal increased again. Once my nipples had stiffened, Derek started moving south, kissing my tummy and thighs.

Then he pulled my thighs apart and started to kiss, nuzzle and lick my very wet pussy. As he pulled my lips apart and began to taste me he suddenly became far more intense. His whole attitude changed and he moved from a slow, gentle approach to something faster and more insistent. His tongue probed inside me again, and again, and again.

Slumber completely put aside, now, Derek moved up between my thighs and made hard, passionate love to me. Afterwards I commented to him on how passionate he had been and he said, “Yeah, it was great, wasn’t it. We should do that more often”. No-one said anything else that night, and we went to sleep touching each other.

I thought about what he said the next day while I was at work. There was no way that Derek could not have known what I had done before coming to bed - I was slick and full of another man’s cum - the smell and taste would have been obvious. When Derek said we should do it more often he could only have meant that he wanted me to bring him home a creampie for his dessert.

There was no way I was going to do anything with my boss again. Totally unsatisfying. But that didn’t mean I had to give up on bringing Derek home something sweet between my legs. I meet up with all sorts of sexy men passing through the airport, and I’m a fairly attractive woman (if I say so, myself). Relieving them of their sperm for my husband and his questing tongue isn’t too hard.

So now, two or three times a week, I find some dishy passenger near the end of my shift, have my way with them and collect something for Derek to eat from me. I’ve been with men from all over the world: short and tall, fat and thin. I’ve definitely seem big and small :-)

What I’m most interested in is heavy cummers, and I especially like a nice meaty foreskin - I’m glad I’ve seen quite a few of them.