Written by FrustratedMan

22 Jul 2016

Hi, I have written a couple of times on this site a few times, I also read a good number of the stories, true or false I suppose we must decide.

I'm like a lot of men I'm in a sexless marriage, I'm sure like my wife a lot of ladies go of sex, we have had a good run and me being 66 and still needing a good sex session, but the wife at 65 does not, the only sex I get is a hand job, and that's normally by my own hand.

We live in lovely Cornwall not far from Truro it's about a 30 minute drive, so I suggested we go shopping to one of the major food stores, I think you can guarantee you will always find a nice lady to perv over, not that I am that way but you know what I mean, low cut top with nice boobs showing, or a short little skirt, or better still both, well this day was no different.

We walked around the store and I saw this lovely lady really tight jeans fantastic arse her boobs weren't big but nice, a really lovely figure, good enough to have a wank over.

Anyway we carried on and a few times she passed me in the aisle, she didn't look at me but I certainly looked at her, she was lovely, we carried on then I saw another one short skirt and going commando, as she bent over Oh My what a sight to see pert little cheeks just lovely, so I made sure I kept an eye on her.

So now it is time to head for the till, now I don't think I'm much of a catch, nor what I would call good looking nor do I have a 10" cock like some stories on here, I'm Mr average I suppose, I have silver hair 6 feet tall and not over weight by much, and my cock is about 6" , so as you can see your average guy, we arrived at the till and the cashier was around 35ish, dark hair and attractive, now bearing ib nib=nd my wife was with me, I am a bit of a flirt but in a harmless way, so I'm flirting with the cashier, when all of a sudden I asked her what was wrong, she said "nothing I just think you are really handsome" if my wife hadn't been with me I would have given her my mobile, so I'm thinking do I go back to see if I can find her, or do I just put it down to experience, no female has never said that before, and I can tell you guys we have very few females like her in Cornwall, and I could do with a good session.

Any ides would be good.