Written by H&M x

28 Oct 2006

About 6 months ago, I would never have imagined the sort of things my girlfriend and I would be up to. It all started when we had parked up one evening a local beauty spot for a bit of a grope and snog. A 4x4 came and parked close by . . we were feeling so horny by then that we didn't want to stop what we were doing. Heather had already got her skimpy knickers around her ankles and was kneeling on the passenger seat with her pert bare bum up against the window, bending down with her mouth around my cock.

It was getting a bit dark by then so we didn't think anyone could see inside that much .. that is until, as she was sucking me, I looked up and could see quite clearly, a pair of bare sexy female's legs spread out of an open door of the 4x4 parked next to us, she was clearly playing with herself. Her fella was inside clearly watching my girlfriend's arse and, by his movements, wanking hard at his cock. This nearly made me cum there and then. I told Heather what was happening behind her. she didn't believe me at first but then glanced around and saw them. That was it, I couldn't believe how horny it made her . . she stretched her hands behind her bum and parted her cheeks wide open for the couple to see.

It was obvious to them now how horny Heather was getting and the next time I looked over, there was a very large, stiff cock being wanked right outside the window next to Heather's bare arse. We were both so turned on by now. I didn't imagine she would, but old her to give his cock a wank for him. I couldn't believe it, but she did. Heather truned around, opened her door and started to wank this fellas cock. We had no conversation, just groans of pleasure. I nearly shot my load as I watched Heather wank another fella. I could see the woman equally as turned on, legs spread wide, rubbing herself hard and fast. It didn't take long for this fella to shoot his cum all over my girlfriends face, she tuned back to me and carried on sucking my cock which almost instantly spurted another load of cum at her. While this was happening, the fella had been rubbing her pussy and fucking her with his fingers. She came almost straight after me, and when I say came, I mean she had the most powerful orgasm I'd ever seen her have, she was shuddering and writhing so much.

By now, the other woman had started to get her trousers back on. I can only assume, by the smile on her face that she had satisfied herself, watching her fella being wanked by my girlfriend. We still never spoke to the other couple, we didn't need to . . it was clear that we had all gone away more than satisfied.

We had never realised how much dogging would turn us on. We regularly go to the same spot now. we haven't seen this other couple since but have occasionally given some lucky fellas a good show.