Written by T

7 Dec 2004

my girlfriend and i have often talked about going dogging we live near hampstead heath we decided we would meet as strangers on parliment hill find a quite place then fuck

we arranged to meet at 2.30 quite time on the heath so im up there waiting 2.45 she,s late but just making me wait 3.00 she calls me to say she changed her mind Laughing i was a bit pissed off but laughed with her

come off the mobile find this guy in his twenties sitting next beside me looking at me "been turned down eh you want to do it with me " i said no thanks started to walk away then i thought fuck it why not

years ago i got drunk ended up in a 69 with a guy at college i had enjoyed having his prick shooting in my mouth it but it didnt happen again

but i had thought about it

" ok i said i introduced myself his name was dean, very fit and slim he leads the way we went into one of the thick copse he takes off his leather coat lays it on the ground we sit down he unzips me takes out my prick leans over begining to suck me taking me right inside his mouth so i could feel my prick in his throat

gently squeezing my balls feeling my arse such a great sensation his finger in my arse as he sucks and licks me

i cant hold on any longer and cum in his mouth i lie back watch him take out his prick a slim 8 inches in one movement he straddles me in a 69 his long prick glissens with precum a drop lands in my mouth first cum i have tasted in ten years he pushes his prick into my mouth its so hot and hard he starts fucking my mouth while he sucks my balls then he pulls apart my bum cheeks running his tongue down starts to rim me what a new sensation the end of his tongue flicking in and out of my arse hole lubing me this i wasnt expecting but god it felt so good he climbs off me " would you like to be fucked" "not sure" its your first time isnt it" i nod "dont worry your going to love it"

he takes out a condom hands it to me "put it on me" i ease back his foreskin running the condom down his hard length his balls feel tight "get on allfours " i do so i feel him apply cold lube pushing in his fingers i can feel my erection coming up again then he removes his fingers i feel his cock on my arse pushing he slides an inch into me i yelp with pain my instinct is to pull back he grabs my shoulders and thrusts in not hard just one long movement filling me right up then he starts to fuck me long powerfull strokes intensely pleasurable i relax enjoying the feeling he reaches round starts to wank me i can feel myself cumming long heightened orgasm my cum dosnt shoot out but slowly flows out the longest and best orgasm i have ever had and still he fucks me for five more minutes he thrusts in and out then he slows he leans forward kissing my neck i feel his weight on my back then moaning he cums he holds me tightly for a couple of minutes then slowly withdraws he removes the condom shoves his cum covered prick through my lips and fucks my mouth till his erection subsides we then dress go for a drink at the hollybush

he tells me he,s Bi but his wife dosnt know he gives me his number no pressure and this is where i am with erection in my hand righting this contemplating phoning him......