Written by petelincs

13 Jun 2006

Hi thought i would jusy tell you about what happen to me over the weekend,my wife susan had asked me to go help gary our next door neighbour move two big cabents, gary who lives on his own since his wife died 3yrs ago,he must be 67yrs old still fit for his age.

When i went round he asked were susan was today,said she was working overtime this weekend,he said that this was bad news as it was so hot and sunny we were both feeling very hot, it was then he told me he always watched my wife in the garden and said he would wank over her when she was laying out with her bikeni on and just wished he could fuck her,which i said i would love to see him fuck susan but she wouldn't be up for it as she was a bit prudish,he then asked if i had any videos of her naked. I said no but did have some porn if he liked to watch one. I went and got what i thought was straight porn and gave it to him then went home.

On sunday morning when in the garden gary smiled asked if i wanted to come over for a drink and he would give me the video back,i said ok went round sat down in just my shorts,then gary said that the video was great took him back 20yrs and didn;t realise i was into that, when i asked what he meant he put the video on it was the one gay video i had,we started to watch i said i got it years ago but only had one experiance with a man,he then told me he had fucked 2 or 3 men with his wife been fucked by them and he would fuck the guy,he then placed his hand on my cock slipped his hand in my shorts,oh nice no pants and shaved cock pulling my shorts to the floor my cock has hard as nails then dropped his shorts telling me he not had anyone touch his cock since his wife died. He then asked to suck him taking his cock in my mouth starting to suck him not taking him long to shoot his load in my mouth,that was so good he said and was hard again in seconds he was wanking me then started to suck me fingering my hole then asked me to get on all hands and knees getting up behind me placeing his cock on my ass hole pushing his 7" slowly in all the way making me hurt like hell at first then he got into a good rythem feeling his hard cock all the way in me was making me feel really horny and i cum all over his floor, he was now shouting oh yes yes you fucking slut take my cock bitch then he came feeling his hot cum up my arse,that was the first of three shags that day before i had to come home clean up befor susan came back from work. When she came home she said you had a good day i said yes just round at garys oh good she said company for him,gary told me he wants me at least twice a week now or he will tell susan but i dont mind but protested just for the sake of it.