Written by john

26 Jul 2003

It is Sunday 24th of December. You are going for a few drinks with the girls from your work. You tell me you will come to my place after you have been out. 3 of my friends are coming around to my place to have a few beers. Dave,Pete and Stan arrive about 8:00 pm. We sit around having a few beers and having a laugh. About 11 pm we are drunk and pete says he has a blue movie with him. We quickly tell him to get it out. He puts the video on and tells us it is a real blue movie from Amsterdam. We start watching the movie it is the usual naff plot but it has plenty of action. We sit there watching the movie with rock hard cocks. We are watching a scene where one woman is getting fucked by 4 guys.

Suddenly we are stopped on our tracks as we hear you say "lucky bitch she looks happy". We didn't hear you come in .You look absolutely stunning dressed in a Father Christmas outfit with black stockings and suspenders. The lads looked pretty embarrassed and Stan goes to switch the video off. Don't switch it off on my account you tell us. I am just going to change my clothes for something more comfortable. We carry on watching the video. You come back in the living room in a nightdress and sit on my knee. On the video the woman is getting fucked from behind while another man is getting sucked off while other 2 men are sitting wanking there cocks. MMMMM that looks nice you say she is one lucky bitch having 4 men at once.

You sit on my knee. My cock is rock hard. What is this you laugh. I ask you what you mean and you tell my mates you can feel my hard cock as you sit on my knee. Are you also hard boys you ask Dave,Pete and Stan?. Why dont you come and see pete says. With that you get up and walk over to the couch where Dave,Pete And Stan are sitting. You feel the bulges of them through their trousers. MMMMM very nice 4 hard cocks to play with. You then let your nightdress fall to reveal your beautiful body. You lay on the rug next to the fire. Switch the video off and watch a real show you tell us. Dave switches of the video. You ask me to get your black stud ( a name you gave to your black 10" vibrator) you lie there playing with your clitoris and tweaking your nipples. Is this better than the video you ask. Oh yes we all cry.

You reach for your black vibrator and begin to wank yourself with it. Are you all still hard for me boys you ask?. Well get your cocks out and show me then.Within seconds we all get naked.Come over to me you say. Watch me fuck myself and i want all of you to wank all over me you tell us. We kneel beside you furiously wanking our cocks as you ram the vibrator in and out of your cunt. You stare at our cocks telling us you want to feel the warm cum all over your body. I tell my mates we all have to try and cum together. Come on boys cum all over me look at my pussy stuffed with my vibrator and pretend it is your cock. It doesn't take long before we all cum over your body. The sight of four cocks spurting their cum all over your body gives you your first orgasm.

MMMM that was nice you tell us. I hope you don't think your are finished. I want to feel all four cocks inside me. I want every hole filled but before i let you fuck me you have to lick me clean. We look at each other not knowing what to do. You can't be serious i ask you i don't mind licking my own cum of you but not anybody else's. Well if you boys don't lick me clean you don't get to fuck me. Stan suddenly says come on boys lets do it. Stan begins to lick your body clean i look at Dave and Pete and say why not then. Me,Dave and Pete join Stan. You have four mouths kissing and licking every inch of your body. I move inbetween your legs and start to lick your pussy. Come on lads lets give it to the horney bitch. I nibble and suck on your clit as the lads explore your body. You moan loudly. Somebody shove their cock in her mouth and shut dirty cow up. Dave shoves his cock in your mouth and you greedily suck him off as i tongue your pussy. Thats it you little slut suck my cock Dave says. Suck harder bitch i want to cum down your throat. You start to suck Dave faster as my tongue brings you to an orgasm. I watch as you suck Dave off. Go on you horney cow suck him good i tell you. Suddenly Dave lets out a moan as he shoots his load down your throat. MMMM that was nice you tell us.

Right get on your knees you filthy slut i tell you. You get on your knees and i enter you from behind. I start pumping you building up a steady pace. My mates sit there watching us. You start moaning again as i pump you. Right somebody else fill her mouth and shut the bitch up. Stan gets up and puts his cock in your mouth.Go on Stan fuck her mouth you know she wants it i tell him. Stan fucks your mouth as i pump your pussy. I look over to Dave and Pete and tell them to join in.Come on lets really give it to this dirty cow. They crawl Under your body Dave licks and nibbles your clit and Pete sucks on your nipples. You now have four men at once. I am pumping you from behind,Stan is fucking your mouth.Dave is licking your clit and Pete is sucking your nipples. We can hear your muffled moans as we all use you. Me and Stan cum at the same time. Stan flooding your mouth and me flooding your pussy.Swallow all of Stan's cum you dirty little whore i tell you. You lie there panting. Go on Dave and Pete your turn to fuck the dirty little cow. Dave enters you from behind and Pete fills your mouth with his cock. Me and stan sit on the couch watching Dave and Pete fucking you. We wank our cocks as we watch you getting fucked. Go on lads fuck the little slut harder i tell them. Really give it to the dirty slut Pete is groaning that you really know how to suck cock as he fucks your mouth. Dave is fucking you real hard from behind he pulls his dick out of you and shoots his load all over your arse. You tell Pete to lie on the floor and carry on sucking him off. Suck him faster you little slut i tell you. You run your tongue all over his cock teasing him. Get my cock back in your mouth now slut Pete tells you. you give him a good sucking oh god i am cumming he says with that he pulls his cock out of your mouth and shoots his cum all over your breasts and tits. This sends me and stan overboard and we shoot our loads as we wank our cocks.

You lie there panting telling us how much you enjoyed that. Well don't think we have finished with you yet you little whore i tell you .Pete tells you to get on your knees. He licks your pussy from behind slipping his tongue in and out of your pussy. Do you like what pete is doing to you i ask?. Oh yes you say don't stop Pete. Well tell him how much you like it then you dirty slag. Oh god Pete please dont stop you pant. Pete moves his tongue inbetween the cracks of your arse.MMMM that feels really good Pete you Say. Do you want a good rimming Pete asks?. What is rimming you pant?. I will show you Pete says. With that pete shoves his tongue up your arse gives you a good licking. Stan grabs your vibrator and fucks your pussy as Pete rims your arse. Oh my god you scream this feels so good. Go on lads fuck the dirty bitch. Give it to her good and hard you know the little slag wants it. Pete replaces his tongue with his finger and fingers your arse as stan fucks your pussy with your vibrator. You let out a big scream as an orgasm runs through your body. Wow that was excellent i have never had my arse tongued before. You lie there recovering with a big grin on your face. You look at the four of us and tell us you want more. Well you better suck us all until we hard again then won't you you then you kinky bitch i tell you. You tell us to all sit on the couch. You come over and get on your knees sucking each one of us back to hardness. Right i have done my bit i sucked you back to hardness so now it is your turn. I want you 4 to give me a really good fucking. With that me,Dave,Pete

lift you up and sit you on Stans cock. Go on then bitch ride Stans cock. You bounce up and down Stans cock.Thats it ride his cock you little whore. You ride stans cock hard and fast. Stan lets out a moan as he shoots his load up your pussy. You climb off stans prick and move onto Pete's dick. I tell you to stick your bum out before riding Pete%27s dick. I get on my knees and begin to nudge your arsehole with my dick.You let out a little gasp of pleasure as my cock slides in your arsehole.I hear you mumble how tight it feels having 2 cocks. Me and Pete begin to fuck you in unison.Your arsehole feels really tight and is squeezing my cock hard. Oh my god this feels so tight you tell us. Please don't stop this feels so good. Dont worry you little whore you are not going anywhere until i cum up your arse. You are screaming in ecstasy as Pete fucks your pussy and i fuck your arse. Dave stands up on the couch and offers you his cock to suck. You take his cock in your mouth and suck him off. You know have all three holes filled with cock. I tell Stan to play with your tits as we fuck you. Stan sucks on your nipples. You feel wonderful having 3 cocks inside you and Stan sucking your nipples an orgasm rips through your body. Dave pulls his cock out of your mouth and shoots his cum all over your face. Oh my god this feels so good you pant. My pussy and arse feels so full. Tell us how much you like it then i tell you. Oh i love it you pant don't stop i am a filthy slut fuck me boys. Pete and i warn you we are both about to cum. Oh please wait i want us to all orgasm together you say. You rub your clit as we fuck you. We hear you breathing heavier oh my god i am cumming you say. Pete and i let ourselves go and fill both holes with our cum.

We all lie there with limp dicks except stan who is still hard. You get down on all fours and tell Stan it is his turn to fuck you again. Stan gets behind you and begins to enter your pussy. Not there Stan i want it up my arse again. Stan slides his cock up your arse and pumps you. Oh yes Thats it Stan fuck my arse. Play with yourself as he fucks you you little slut. You finger your clit and rub you clitoris with your thumb as Stan fucks your arse. I notice your vibrator and move over to you i replace your hand with the vibrator. Oh god i fell so full again you say. Go on stan fuck the little sluts arse good i will do her pussy good with her vibrator. You are begging us not to stop. An orgasm runs through your body. Oh god i have never felt so full you pant. Stan is about to cum so he pulls his cock out and shoots his load all over your arse. You lie there exhausted trying to get your breathe back.

After 5 minutes you notice the clock. It is 1:30 am you stand up and say have you saw what time it is boys?. We look and see it is 1:30 wow its late do you want us to go Dave,Pete and Stan asks?. No i was pointing out it was after midnight so it is Christmas day you tell us. You kiss each one of us and wish us a merry xmas. Did you all get me a present then you ask?. I did i tell you but you will have to wait for it until later. Stan,Dave and Pete say sorry but they haven't got you a present. Oh well then it looks like you will all have to give me your cocks for a present than and give me a good fucking. We all look at each other and laugh. Looks like we are in for a long night lads i tell my mates. With that you open your legs and say right who is first boys. I think we will really be in for a very long night..........................