Written by Mike

4 Jun 2004

I try to keep myself fit, and have been doing a very early morning jog for several years now, but yesterday being a day off, I did not set off until about 10am, and it was quite warm and sunny. I was wearing just lightweight track suit bottom and a t-shirt. I never wear anything under my trousers – I like to ‘hang free’.

My route is always the same, about a mile to a park, round it, and back home, about two and a half miles in all.

Well I was half way round the park yesterday, and I was getting very tired in the hot sun, so I sat down on a bench, and closed my eyes. I must have dozed off, something I don’t think I’ve ever done in the morning before, and woke with a start as I felt someone else sitting down on the bench.

She was very skinny, hardly any tits, with mousy hair and wearing a black short sleeved top and a pair of kharki shorts. She had a pushchair in which a small child was fast asleep.

“Hi,” she said. “Sorry I woke you, but I just had to have a closer look at that.”

“That” was a stonker of a hard-on which was very clearly revealing itself through the fabric of my tracksuit. In fact, you could just see the outlines of the knobbly throbbing veins, and the large bulbous head was even now moving steadily down towards my knee.

“Oh, god, how embarrassing, I wonder what I was dreaming about.” I said.

“Jeez, I’ve never seen such a long fuckstick, I’ve got to have it!,” she exclaimed, reaching down and feeling it through the thin fabric.

The park appeared to be empty, so I raised my bum off the seat and slipped the trousers down.

“Christ, and balls to match,” she said, cupping and weighing their heavy fullness, as she took my bursting prick in her little mouth, grasping its length with both hands.

Coming up for breath a few moments later, she gasped out “fuck me, fuck me, quick, now.”

She stood astride me, and guided my length up the wide leg of her shorts. There seemed to be no knickers to impede entry into a tight, warm, wet hole as she thrust down the eleven inches to home base.

I held her hips steady as she gyrated on top of me with amazing flexibility, moaning, crying, screaming. She felt me tense as my own pressure built up towards the inevitable explosion. “Hold back, hold back, yes, yes, yes, I’m cumming , cumming, cummmmooooooooh ooooh urrrgh” she called out, as I felt hot fluids squirt out around my pole, just before my own cum spurted and escaped deep within her in eight or nine long, agonizing ejaculations.

“oh my god, oh my god,” she muttered as she raised herself from my still rampant hardness. The crotch of her shorts were soaked with her juices, which were also trickling down her legs.

Bending down she licked the stickiness from my cock and balls, almost causing another cascade of sperm, took a coat out of a bag hanging from the pushchair, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and walked off with a wave.

I made my way somewhat unsteadily back home and spent the rest of the day wanking my balls dry.

Now its time for today's jog. My balls seem to have refilled overnight, but I'm still stiff as a poker!