Written by Jeff40plus

12 Feb 2004

You and I checked into the fancy hotel. You and I were kissing and touching in the room on the bed a few minutes later when we heard a soft knock at the door. “It must be Joe” you said as you got up to answer the door. You recognized Joe’s lean muscular frame as he slipped in the door. He took you in his arms and kissed you and ran his hands over your body. His tongue slipped into your mouth and his hands trailed to your round lovely ass. You took his hand and pulled him over to the bed. “Hi Jeff,” you said. “Hi Joe I am glad you could come. I think this is going to be lots of fun,” I said. Joe smiled and seemed a little shy. Maybe he was not saying anything because you were already rubbing his long soft cock through his pants.

You flopped down on the big soft bed next to me and used your index finger to motion Joe to come over too. He got down on the bed next to you. You kissed him as a reward. You then rolled over and kissed me. Your lips felt warm, wet and soft against mine. My hand slipped to your wonderful soft breast and I cupped it as we kissed. I felt your hand grasp my cock through my shorts. I stopped kissing long enough to see if you hand a cock in each hand and you did. You had two men hot and horny for you. We took turns unbuttoning your blouse. Your bra hooked in the front so we unclasped that when we got all the buttons unbuttoned. Your breasts sprang forth and we each took one into our mouths. I sucked and gently bit on mine. I rolled it with my tongue. Joe was doing the same on his side. You moaned as we worked. I slipped my hand down across your tummy toward your pussy. When I got there Joe’s had was already there so we had to unbutton your pants and pull them open. Soon there were two sets of fingers fondling your pussy and clit as two mouths kissed and sucked your breasts. You were very wet and your labia were swollen. Joe got up on his knees and you unbuttoned his pants. His long hard cock popped out. I kissed my way down to your pussy and got between your wide-open legs. I wanted to see how you tasted. I kissed my way up to your pussy and watched as Joe’s cock disappeared into your mouth. It was like you were getting 69 but it was two men instead of one. I licked and flicked at your clit with my quick tongue while Joe wormed his cock in and out of your mouth. He pushed it in so deep that I could see it bulge deep into your throat while I watched. I was amazed at the length of his cock when he slipped it out of your mouth. It glistened from your saliva in the dim light of the hotel room. After a little while we switched places so I could feel your warm sexy mouth on my cock. Mine was not as long as Joe’s but a little thicker. It felt glorious to push myself all the way into your mouth as far as I could physically go. I could feel the head of my swollen cock slip down into the confines of your throat.

Finally we all stopped what we were doing long enough to remove all of our clothing so we were completely naked. We stood up near the bed and you got between us. Your sweet naked body felt great as we pushed together making a Rebecca sandwich. You could feel Joe’s long hard cock pressing up between the soft warm cheeks of your ass and my cock rubbing against your clit from the front. Joe’s hands circled your body and squeezed your tits as we kissed. My cock slipped between your legs and you moved your body to rub your labia over the top of my shaft. I leaned down and took your breast in my mouth. Joe held it out for me and pushed it into my open wet mouth. I used my teeth to gently bite it and pull the nipple out away from your body. It felt sexy in my mouth. When I pulled my cock back Joe pushed his long cock up into your pussy from behind. You were wet and very open so it slipped in easily to the hilt. You gasped with pleasure as he filled you from behind. He fucked you slowly with his rock hard cock while I kiss and sucked your now firm nipples. I slipped one hand down and trapped your clit between my fingers. I stroked up and down timing my motions with the movement of Joe’s cock. I remove my mouth from your nipple and kiss your mouth. You are being fucked from behind by one horny man and stroked and kissed by another.

This standing position was kind of awkward so we move to the bed. It was my turn to fuck you so you spread your arms and legs and I got on top of you. My hard cock went right up into your slippery pussy. Joe kind of moved us over so that your head was off the bed and tipped back. He took his cock and guided it into your mouth. We both enjoyed moving our cocks in and out of you. Your pussy felt wet and created just the right about of friction on my cock. Joe fucked your mouth while playing with your lovely soft tits with his hands. We were all very turned on and could not last long. “I’m going to cum” I moaned. You pulled Joe’s cock out of your mouth and said “wait don’t cum yet I want you both to cum on my tits.” We both pulled out of you and you got in the middle of the bed. You grasped both of our cocks and guided us to each side of you on our knees. We each instinctively reached for your pussy. You slowly stoked us while we rubbed your pussy and clit. “Oh god that feels good I am going to cum too” you groaned. First you took Joe’s cock in your mouth while you stroked mine and then you took mine and stroked Joe’s. You cried “I’mmmmmm cumming” and arched your pelvis up against our hands. With one more quick stoke I came with you spurting white hot cum all over your right tit and Joe followed a second later adding his own erotic offering to your gorgeous body. We all moaned and just exploded letting yourself go and go. It felt amazing and wonderful.