Written by Kelly

3 Jul 2009

The most amasing thing about I,ve learned is what men will do with each other and indeed how tender they can be during male/male sex.

In the times I,ve visited this little parking area I,ve never seen anything other than consensual sex.I feel so comfortable there now that I always get naked when I arrive and know that it is up to me whether to take part in any activity.

There are guys who visit and walk about naked.The first time I saw that I was a little bit nervous,it was a guy in a builders van still in his workclothes.He obviously knew the area,some guys were already having sex when he arrived.

He nodded to a couple of guys who were in a sucking session looked at me and smiled.He sat on the step of his van and removed his boots and socks then stood up and undid his boilersuit.Underneath he was wearing just a pair of white briefs,I think I expected to see baggy underpants, but no they were small and neat.

When he removed them I was surprised to see he did,nt have an erection,I was also surprised to see he was smooth shaven which made his cock and his balls almost shine in the evening light.

He was definitely laid back,he started to play with his cock as if there was nobody else around his other hand gently fondling his balls.I found it a real turn on watching him slowly bringing himself to erection,I was sitting with my legs out of my car almost hurting my clit as I wanked myself,he just smiled at me.

I was naked and even though I,ve got small tits I could feel them bounce as I wanked ,my nipples as hard as some of the cocks I was watching.I was glad when he walked towards me,another guy had just pulled up in his car and sat watching,no doubt his cock already in his hand wanking.

His eyes kept contact with mine as he approached,I felt no pressure.He stood in front of me and watched my fingers in my fanny nodding his approval.

It was completely my decision to reach for his cock,he made no attempt to stop me,he took a step closer.It looked and felt beautiful,with my other hand I cupped his smooth ball bag.

He very slowly moved his hand towards my tits,I so wanted him to touch them.His gentleness was amasing as his fingers rolled my hard nipples,I could,nt avoid wanking him.

I would have liked him to put his fingers in my fanny and wank me but realised he was,nt going to,still the rest was brilliant.We both knew I was going to suck him,I drew him closer and touched the tip of his cock with my tongue sipping his precum while still gently holding his balls.

His cock was moving in my hand with great hard throbs,the head swelling even more,he pushed forward a little.It was as if we were the only two people there yet I,m sure our every move was being watched.

Little by little I took his cock in my mouth,his hips now moving his natural fucking reaction taking over.His hands came on my head,yet I did,nt feel he was using me,nature took over and his cock moved faster.

Even though I wanted to feel his spunk come into my mouth,I also wanted this to last as long as possible.I tried to keep my teeth off his cock using my tongue as much as I could.I felt the extra pressure of his hands on my head and knew he was coming.

He jerked violently as he came,I had to hold his balls hard to prevent his cock leaving my mouth,I hoped I was,nt hurting him.He was a fantastic cummmer,it felt like he had filled my mouth,which is great when I know men expel only about half a teaspoonful.

That was the first time I cleaned a cock after emptying it.I reached for some tissues in my glove compartment and gently cleaned it,watching it go down as I did so.That is definitely one I shall always remomber.