Written by Kelly

2 Jul 2009

When I arrived back home he was sulking.I went for a shower my fanny feeling a bit sore but nice.I joined him in the lounge wearing just a pair of small sexy briefs.

Sorry about that I said trying to sound like I meant it,I could see that "I,m in control" look in his eye,he did,nt respond.

He was wearing just a pair of shorts,his usual.I slipped my fingers inside my briefs,not in my fanny.He was still trying mot to respond,I thought to myself I should go back to that little parking place.

He suddenly gave me a half smile at the same time his hand going to the front of his shorts.I licked my lips slowly my fingers going down a little further.

He undid his shorts and pushed them off,his cock was rising in his undies,he put his hand inside them and started wanking himself now looking me straight in the eye.

I moved my fingers into my fanny and found my clit.I could see the satisfaction in his face as I came off,he thought it was him but it was the thought of watching the guys and sucking that guy off.

His undies were off,he spread his legs apart his cock now hard.Without saying a word he nodded to his cock,he wanted me to suck it,if only he knew.

I got off my chair and walked to him,he grabbed my briefs and pushed them off then pushed two of his fingers into my fanny,I think he was a little surprised at how wet I was.

He made no attempt to play with my clit,he removed his fingers and started to wank himself again then took my hand and squeesed it around his cock wanking himself with my hand.

He pulled me down pushing my head to his cock,I really was,nt that interested at that point but focusing my mind on the two guys again my fanny began to tingle a little.

I took his cock in my mouth,he held my head and started to push in and out.I was thinking of the other guys cock ,I put my fingers between my legs and wanked myself,I came off.

He could tell I,d come off,his cock moved faster in and out of my mouth,I put my teeth on it,a little harder than usual,I thought "The Bastard".It was all about him,his usual grunting started,I knew it was on the way.

I would loved to have told him then that I,d already had a mothfull of spunk,did,nt get time anyway I was getting another mouthfull,the only good thing was I was having a massive orgasm.

My fanny was sore all the following day.My partner and I were still not on good terms ,we were avoiding each other and even though I sucked him off a couple of days later my mind kept wondering back to that parking place.

It was inevitable,it took me a while to find it and I was unbelievably nervous.As I approached a guy walked away from another parked car and into his own,I knew what he,d been up to.

I parked up,even though I did,nt look towards their cars I knew they were checking me out.From the coner of my eye I saw the flicking of internal lights,I just stayed put.

One of the guys got out of his car and took an exagerated stretch,he was looking directly at me,I smiled.That was all he needed,he rubbed his cock through his trousers,I smiled again.

The other guy picked up the signals he opened his car door,he was naked from the waist down his cock fully erect his hand wanking it.I looked towards him and smiled,his legs came out of the car and spread.

The other guy undid his zip and took his cock and balls out,he also had a hard on.He walked to the guy sitting in his car and offered him his cock turning sideways to give me a full view.The sitting guy took it in his hand gave it a quick wank then fed it into his mouth and started sucking it.

I was,nt wearing any undies under my skirt,I was already soaking,this time I,d put a towell under me making sure my skirt was up around my hips.

They changed places,the sitting guy now being sucked.I opened my door and put my legs out again opening my fanny with my fingers then pushed them in and wanked myself.

The guy being sucked obviously told his mate,he came off his cock and turned towards me.They both just stared at my fingers working my fanny.The guy with his trousers still on undid them and pushed them down then his underpants.

They both wanked themselves as they watched me,I was loving this I was definitely in control.I kept nodding my head in appreciation,they were both standing now they took each others cocks,it was a matter of who lasted longest.

The guy naked from the waist down started to spurt his spunk it really shot from him,I half wished it was in my mouth.The mutual wanking stopped,the other guy and I watched him clean himself put his undies and shorts on and leave.

It was my turn I walked towards him got on my knees and started sucking him,not a word was spoken.As I sucked him I reached for his balls and tugged gently on them,he moaned his appreciation.

I wanted his spunk,I really worked his cock gripping his balls tighter.It did,nt take long,mind you I,m sure his cock had already been well worked before I,d got there,the head was red and swollen.

He held my head as he started coming,he was very gentle actually which made his spunk easier to swallow.I continued to suck him until he gently pulled it from my mouth,he was already going down.

He kissed my cheek pulled his undies and trousers up and returned to his car.He nodded to me as he drove off,I sat back on my towell and played with my clit,I came off again.I wondered if I should go,I,d been very lucky so far.

I have since discovered this place is used by men only but I,m getting to know it fairly well.