Written by jjok

9 Sep 2011

First time in a cottage

Hi this is a true story; back in the mid eighties I was a younger guy working in a very hetro job.

Some of the guys mentioned a queer toilet where you needed to stay away from ; however it got my attention

As I walked down the stairs to the toilets a guy passed me on the stairs he was about 25 in shorts and a tight tee shirt- he smiled at me so I smiled back .

I walked down to the toilets and stood at the urinals as I looked around the same guy appeared. He started to wank his cock and then walked over to a cubical: he left the door open and beckoned me over . I had never played with a guy before but could not help myself from joining him.

Inside the cubical he stripped me out of my cloths and started to wank me of I was pushed against the back wall and stripped then he kicked the door open and two other guys came in all three of them took turns with me and I ended up being used by all the guys.

When I left my cock had been sucked by three guys & two had fucked me. This was the start of some very interesting times