Written by John & Sue

14 Sep 2004

Sue was at work the day her friend, Tina, called round. She's slight with a firm body, 5 years younger than Sue but they are good friends. Unbeknown to me Tina had been aware of our horny escapades and wanted to know more.I said "Why not ask Sue" but Tina replied she was too shy but felt more able to talk to me about sex! This I found strange but asked her if she would like a drink. "Yes please" she said so I opened a bottle of wine. I told her about our dogging trips over the last few months and how turned on we both were about it. I could see Tina getting turned on and so said straight out "Why dont you let me take you dogging and see if you like it". She was a little pissed but after a thought she said "OK, but don't tell Sue". That is not the way Sue and I operate as we tell each other everything. However we arranged to see each other the next evening when Sue would be at a work's semina. Sue knew of the arrangement and told me to "Go for it". I had never fucked Tina. The night I picked her up she was dressed in a short skirt and tight top that showed off her tits. She had smuggled these out and dressed in a public toilet while waiting for me as she is also married and her hubby hadn't a clue about this. She'd told him that she was going over to her sister's for the night. I took her to the car park at the "Keepers Pond" between Blaenavon and Abergavenny and told her what we were going to do. A couple of cars were already there and I started to touch Tina up by stroking her cunt through her panties. She opened up and put her feet on the dash. I then eased her tits out of her top and we started kissing. I could see a couple of guys approaching the car. I whispered in Tina's ear that we had company and I felt a gush of juice from her cunt onto my fingers.I opened the window on her side. The two guys outside were wanking while looking in the window. They both put there cocks to the window and I said to Tina "Go on then give them a suck". She took each cock in turn and sucked. I said "Well it's up to you now Tina". She climbed into the back seat as I opened the doors and said to the strangers "She's yours, have fun". The guys then took turns fucking her bareback which looked so horny I could hear Tina growning and asking to be fucked harder. While this was going on another car pulled in with a middle aged couple and they came straight over to see what was going on. I said "Shes up for it. Go on, have the slag, her husband has no idea she's a slut". When the lads had cum the middle aged man fucked her while the woman squeezed her tits. He soon shot his spunk up her and she was dripping. The woman then took over and brought Tina to an almighty orgasm after which her husband finger fucked his wife with all of us watching. I said we had better get back. Tina sorted herself out and got back in the front seat. She smelt of sex and spunk and was ouseing cum from her pussy. She looked over at me and said "Do you want a go"? I put her seat back and she opened her legs wide. I went down between her legs to look at her swollen fucked cunt. It was beautiful. I started to lick her clean tasting the spunk from her cunt. I gaged at first because there was loads of it but got a few mouthfuls down and then licked her thighs as well. My cock was rampant so without any pause I slipped it into her and after a few strokes I was pumping my cum into her cunt along with the other loads already there. This happend last week and now Tina wants to do it again. I related to Sue all that had happened but Tina's hubby is still unaware of her exploit. Sue was excited by my account of the session and hinted that it might be unique if we went dogging as a three-some....one man and two women. Where does she get these erotic ideas. She never fails to excite me.

Perhaps next time we'll try Castle Goch just off the M4, junction 32. Yes, Sue and I fucked after I'd told her what happened.