Written by Sue & John

11 Aug 2005

Last Sunday evening I received a 'phone call from June, my former boss. She and Roy, her husband, had been invited to a "skimpy" party in Chepstow and the hosts, Bob and Ena, had asked her to invite John and me along too. Knowing what these parties entailed I readily accepted for both of us. As the venue was not far from we went by taxi. That meant we could both have a drink without fear of being breatherlised. The party started at 9pm ish on Wednesday and decieding what to wear to it was no problem. I wore a white thong and white high-heeled sandles which I felt complimented my dark skid admirably. John wore a smile. Getting there by taxi ment we had to "cover-up". John wore a track suit and I a full length coat.

We duly arrived at the venue. Ena greeted us at the door. She looked stunning dressed in a short see-through black nighty and nothing else. She took my coat and John dispensed with his track suit. We entered the lounge and saw that eight couples were already there. All were totally nude or scantilly clad. Great I thought "I'm not over dressed."

We mingled, chatted and accepted our hosts offer to help ourselves to drinks. You might be suprised to learn that there are certain rules that must be followed at these parties. A woman, if she so wishes, my avail herself of a man in any manner (except pain) she fancies, while a man must ask permission of a woman's partner if he wants to "use" her. Generally this is just a polite formality but it's always done. By 10pm my cunt was really wet and wanting attention. I was holding John's semi-hard cock and watching the activities around us. Ena was very close and chatting to two ladies while being fingered from behind by a male guest. Her legs were apart and she was slowly rocking backwards and forwards to his finger thrusts. Her conversation was a little disjoint but I don't think the two ladies were aware of it as they were both nude, enjoying each other, and watching Ena being finger fucked. I grasped John's cock tightly and started to rub it in rythum with the man finger-fucking Ena. It hardened. God I needed a cock, anybodies. A good looking, nude, male guest approached John and politely asked him if he may avail himself of me.

John nodded his consent. The man, Brian, knelt in front of me, removed my thong and, gently at first, began to lick my clit. It felt wonderful. I wanked John harder and thrust my cunt hard against Brian's face. I felt John stiffen. He was about to cum. I ponted his cock towards Ena. John exploded. His spunk shot onto Ena's leg and ran down it. She smiled at me and mouthed "Thank you." Brian's tounge now sank deeper into my cunt. My legs were spread wide apart and I was aware of other hands on me. Brian sank to the floor. He lay there with his rampant cock pointing up. I felt strong hands lift me, then lower me onto his shaft. It went straight in and his balls slapped against my arse. We were being watched by three couples. I love that, it's a great turn-on. I rode Brian's cock like the nympomaniac I am. Another man presented his prick to my mouth. I took it in. I grasped two more making it a total of four in action with me. The man in my left hand shot his load and was soon followed by the one in my mouth, although he withdrew before cuming. His spunk shot all over my breasts. It was all too much for me. I climaxed. My cunt juice gushed all over Brian's cock and balls. I felt strong hands lift me off. It was John. He smiled, whispered "Well done" and handed me a glass of single malt whisky (he's a thoughtful husband).

The rest of the party continued along the same line. I was fucked three more times and "tasted" two lovely ladies.

We returned home at 4:30am, tired but well satisfied.