Written by Kevin

26 Sep 2018

Vicki has always been a cock tease to my delight. ive always encoraged her behaviour so no suprise we ended up in the company of a group of lads recentley after york races vicki loved all the male attention as the centre of the conversation. they where all flirting like mad eventually she ended up sat on one blokes knee with ther arms drapped each other . At this point i surgested we made a move as this was about the extent of her teasing extends .to my suprise at been scalded for been boring she excitedly introduced me to her new freind rob who swiftly pushed a note into my hand with them both laugthing about something vicki surgested i fetch the next round to save any aukward looks if he was to get up .looking slightly confused i then notice my wifes hand was discretly rubbing what was obviously a hard on .now feeling in eqaul measure anger and excitment my mind neary exploded as i realised the situationi nearly came instantly as vicki winked over yo me i regained my composure and took the note and headed to the bar trying to manage my own trouser tent when i eventualy returned with the drinks Vicki was too busy to notice me as they had progressed to snogging rather intensly the bulk of the lads now complimenting me a such a horny wife and telling me what a lucky bastard i was ,this is what i had dreamt of and wanked about for years but was starting to feel uncomfartable vicki eventually aknoleged my return by asking for her drink the way she had slumped on rob her stocking tops where now on public display i tried to alert to this with my eye movement she shaped as to correct this but let her legs fall apart raising her skirt even higher much to the enjoyment of the whole group i was consious the bar was busy but had any one noticed at this point most of the lads anonced they where moving on to the next bar she stood up to my dismay thinking she was joining them she was dishing out some good nite kisses trading the odd grope for one final compliment.she then quickly disapeared to the ladies .rob told me to sit down next to him and finish my drink with the remaing couple of lads who had stayed with him. he began explaining vicki would not be long and to relax and start enjoying my beutifull wife after what seemed a fair while vicki returned looking rather flushed she passed rob something unaware what it was until he sniffed it then flung vicki thong onto the table for his mates to also rub under there noses as she sqeezed between us on the sofa then choosing to kiss rob first as to punish and humiliate me her hand also returned to start rubbing his thigh again . As i sat playing catch up in my mind my stomach twisted in knots .at this point she seemed to nod in agrement with each of them as they where all in agrement .vicki then looked me in the eye telling me that this was what i had tried to bribe her into for 20 years so if i did not like it then it was my own fault but finally touching my hard on she surgested i was a hipocrite . Explaining it was all my choice but if i did,nt want it to go any further then it would end there and then But make no mistake if it did i could forget any future experimental sexual fantacy. as we both new my other was (to fuck her already full of hot spunk and clean her cunt with my tounge)with my world turning upside down she let me know that the lads had held a whip round as they left giving her £600 not including what rob and his pals would pay only what they expected to spend in a titty bar anyway so no big deal

The money had no effect on my decision but the thought of losing her spirt some how had me noding she smiled and gave me a deep tounged passonate kiss as i held her head i noticed droplets of spunk in her hair and the unmastakable taste of cock on her breath smirking she replied oh ye the ladies earlier collecting my whip round of the 2 youngest lads, that didnt last long enough to count as sex but more of a starter to the main event .rob now took control promising and giving me his word he would look after her but on the other hand she would earn every penny as the 2 lads opposite where built for it. He explained after a few more bars they would end up back at there hotel room at the travellodge the 3 lads shook my hand and thanked me before setting off surounding vicki .who to my shock looked very comfortable with it all for a bird who i thought had only had one poor 3some ,i took some time to leave convincing myself i had held some influence over proceeding ,she was bang on i had brought it all on myself ,but secretly it turned me on like fuck

Once home i resisted a wank as the weight of expectaton began to weigh on my performance in the morning not wanting to let myself down eventually falling asleep i woke to the front door opening l rushed down stairs the sight that greeted me was amazing her clothes face stockings where covered in the stuff just as i had hoped un showered her make up all black and running from hear tears as we climed the stairs she seemed uneasy on her legs i was holding back my own climax as i helped her from her skirt and top hear underwear already gone she stood infront of me in her stockings and heals as she crawled onto the bed i parted her legs wide under close scutiny i noticed her stockings where drenched in there spunk it was ousing from her swollen cunt lips as i moved up her body it was every ware dry and sticky her nipples still errect looked as they had been biten and chewed to the point of bleeding her face and hair where the same ,one thing i do know about my wife is she loves rougth sex several layers of skin removed from her chin all red and carpet burns on her elbows by the love bites and hand marks alover her she whou.d have been orgasaming like a steam train as i parted her swollen pink flesh and began liking deep inside her she began to discribe to me in detail her night how they made her feel good and the fact they where strangers there was no embarasment just pure adrenerlin feuld sex she recalled how one of them was obviouly turned on by public sex so she fucked and sucked him just off the taxi rank knowing she could be seen at one point been called a whore by a group of lasses the second bloke was married and never had anal neither had vicki as far as i was aware so he was first up for that and spunked deep up her arse they had fucked her sensless right through the night to countless orgasms ,stood up against the patio doors back on the bed ,back out in the coridor where she thinks where spotted by another couple whilst she was soaped up in the shower .robs thing was visual he insisted she bring herself of doing the full porn star performace, vicki revels in this so cums loud and deeps naturally but enjoys adding a few perks the only thing available was a prosseco bottle so she used that as a prop rob getting that excited by it he began fucking here deeper and deeper until she came to a shuddering climx unfortunate for me they where all considrably bigger than me so they had already streched her wider and deeper than ever before so by this point when she could take the bottle deep inside her to its widest part they began attempting dp this was the only time she felt at her limit but she was that high on sex she was up for anything at one point they took a break and she showered up not sure if that was it but as promised they had difrent ideas they all took some viagra even vickl as they thought it might help her the two younger lads took turns splt roasting her chucking her around the room where she notice rob was a bit of a voyeur and enjoyed watching her perform

they had all been the perfect gents and heaped even more cash than promised onto her as she left . she swaped numbers with rob and promised to meet up again at some time in the future they finaly called it a day and asked for 1 last favour the oldest bloke on the trip had sneaked of with my thong and to make his weekend would i call at his room on my way out after every thing earlier how could i refuse he was only 3 doors down so the pushed me out naked and watched me knocking qietly on his door a couple of times until he opened it to my supise it wasnt who i thought it was this chap was rather fit looking and remember him groping my arse firmly in the bar as i entered he confessed to having stolen my knickers and did i want them back replying of corse not there yous to keep as i dropped a heap of close on the floor and climbed onto his bed and instructing him to join me getting exactly what i expected a good steady shag he even pulled out and shot his load on my tits ,feeling in total control i gave a blow job back to full stregth where i allowed him to cum in my mouth

We lay a while him exploring my body and asking if i had enjoyed myself i askedif he would ring reception to get me a taxi

As it was now daylight as i waited in reception the discusted looks i received from most wemean but a sneaky look of lust from there husbands really turned me on .it was pritty obvious the cab drive could smell and guess what i had been upto so not to ofend him as all i wanted now was you kevin i undid a couple of buttons on my top allowing my tits to fall out of my top several times and pretend to be shy i sat in the middle of the back seat and perted my legs into eacn footwell we never spoke on the 20 minute journey but he ajusted his mirrow enouth for me to know he was happy as when he pulled up he would,nt accept the farye even though i had left a stain on his seat he just winked and insisted i take his card