Written by Lipspreader8

15 Jul 2012

I had been messaging with a bloke that does massages on another site. After some time of messages back and forth, we arranged a day and time.

I turned up and he greeted me and shut the front door, we exchanged pleasantries and he asked me if I had any medical problems or if I were on any medication? No I said considered to be clean and healthy. He then said if you get yourself undressed and lay face down on the massage couch, I have just got in, I will be back in a moment just going to grab a shower.

With that he disappeared and I done as I was told and got undressed and admired all the candles burning and the relaxing music he had put on very soothing. With me lying face down on the bed with my face looking through the face cut out in the bed looking at the floor.

He then put some ointment/oil on his hands and proceeded to rub and massage my shoulders and back for about 5 minutes then some more oil on his hands and doing down my legs then back up again. After about 5 minutes of working my legs, as his hands came to the top of my legs and his thumbs were inside my arse cheeks and the tips of his thumbs squeezed my cheeks and opened my hole a little, then back down my legs again. This happened a few times.

Then he asked me to turn over on my back and he administered some more oil to my shoulders and chest and massaged me for a good while. Then some more oil rubbed into his hands and then on to my legs and proceeded to massage my legs up and down each leg.

As his hand came up my legs his thumbs ran right to the top of my inner thighs and just under my balls, after him doing this a few times. My cock moved from a horizontal position to a very vertical position. Um he said I can see you like that then, I said it’s ok! Then he said do you mind being touched? I said no it’s fine. He then carried on massaging my legs and inner thighs, then slipped his hand round my still very erect cock. Slowly wanking me his touch was gentle and feather like touch.

He put on more oil and then went back to massaging my legs and as he came up my legs. My cock still standing to attention as his thumbs went to my inner thighs and stopped putting gentle firm pressure at the base of my balls and above my hole, without anything said his mouth engulfed me cock and he licked and sucked up and down for sometime.

I said if you keep doing that I am going to cum soon, he took his mouth from it and grasped it in his right hand and gently wanked me to completion with my spunk shooting for what seemed aged he kept wanking it till the last drips of cum stopped oozing out of it.

He said to me do you take anything to make you cum that much? I said no it just happened I hadn’t cum for awhile, he said nice. Then he cleaned me up with tissues and I got dressed and we talked for a little then I left, him saying I hope you’ll come back for another massage.

So we have messaged each other a few times and I have opened up to him a couple of my fantasy’s or desires, He said to me to come round one night this week and i will certainly enjoy myself.

I had told him previously that I like to be Naked then blindfolded so I don’t know what is going to happen next.

He said he thinks he should blindfold me first then sensually strip me naked taking his time doing it. Who am I to argue with that?

I you want to know what happens when I visit him next time let me know in your comments.