Written by happyslapper

15 Apr 2007

wow what a fantastic weekend it's been. The weather has been fantastic and I've was sunbathing all day yesterday, which was great cos it meant I got chatting to the 2 new guys who have moved in next door. Ever such nice Polish lads they are, both in their early 20's, I'm 48 not bad looking even though I am a very big girl. Well today I was hanging out the washing in just shorts n a tshirt with my 44c tits on show when one of them pops their head over the fence and asks if I want to join them for a BBQ ....it smelt lovely so I grinned and accepted saying i would get changed and be round in 10 mins but he said not to bother as it would only be us 3 so no need.

I got a bottle of wine out of the fridge and let myself in the side gate to find them both laying on a huge old eiderdown. I offered to get my sun loungers out but they patted the ground and said not to worry so I joined them.

The food was great and the wine flowed as we chatted, they were such nice boys and had me laughing as although their english was good they kept getting their words muddled up - especially after a few drinks...we were all lauging so much ...I ws sitting crossed legged and my tshirt had slipped down showing my tits but i didnt really care....infact it turned me on. I layed back and wrigged on the blanket and positioned myself so that my baggy shorts gave a glimpse of my pussy and waited for one of them to notice.pretending to sunbath I layed with my knees bent and continued to chat to them as if noting was happening - knowing that my shaven cunt was on display. One of them got up to get more wine, leaving his mate who layed on the ground next to me....he slid his hand up my leg and I just let my leg drop giving him access...his fingers were inside me within seconds ..god i was so wet.

His mate returned and stood watching as I splayed my legs wider to give him a good view of his mates hand up my pussy....he layed down on the other side of me and started to play with my huge tits....I just layed back with my arms above my head - the wine making my head spin and enjoying the attention

soon they both had their fingers in me - sucking at my tits as their hands moved together inside me....I reached down and released thier young cocks and started to wank them off. One got between my legs and slid his cock in me as his mate held my cunt lips open for him and started to fuck me slowly. His mate put his cock in my mouth and i was slowly sucking him as his mate slid his cock in and out of my sopping wet cunt.

I felt my orgasm building and reached down to frig my clit as his cock pounded me harder and harder. I came so hard i almost chocked on the cock in my mouth and then I felt the cock in me spurt red hot cum deep inside me.

The one on top of me rolled over and immediately his mate replaced him...ramming his cock into my spunky cunt as I wrapped my legs around his waist. Within a few minutes I was cumming again - the guy who fucked me first was now fingering my arse hole as his mates cock fucked me harder and harder. Then as I gushed over his balls he shot his load in me too and I was swamped with a 2nd load of cum.

I cleaned both their cocks with my tongue and then layed back to doze off in the sun as they took turns to lap up the cum from my cunt.

we lazed in the sun all day, their hands never left my body, thier fingers in my cunt for hours, I lost count of the number of times I cum and returned the favour by sucking them both off and swallowing thier spunk.

It started to get chilly so I came home about an hour ago for a bath and an early night, but I've left the back door open and told them they can pop in any time if they want to during the night so I am hoping to be woken up at some point by a good stiff Pole :)