Written by 1st timers

29 Feb 2008

Hi, i thought I'd write our first experiance into dogging, we are paul & jane and live in cumbria, we'd been married for around 9 years and things were getting a little predictable in the bedroom. We were at a wedding of a friend and i was not drinking so i was the 'designated' driver for the evening. Anyhow, the night went ok and Jane has sipped a few too many white Russians, we decided to leave around 11pm, the party was starting to wind down anyway, we were asked by my aunt if she could have a lift home and I reluctantly agreed, knowing how horny Jane was i was hoping to stop on the way for a bit fun in the car on the way home. All the way home she was rubbing my cock and it was standing to attention, making driving a little uncomfy while my aunt talked about all the old people she'd seen for the 1st time in years (yawn). After 20 mins we were at my aunts, dropped her off to a silly wave that only aunts do, we drove off heading for home when Jane said she wanted to be a bit naughty and be fucked in the car, as were had not done it in the new car yet I agreed to find a place to stop.

We pulled along and old farm track and into an entrance to a feild, as soon as the engine was off Jane started to remove her thongs and rubbed them in my face, if i wasnt already fully hard that done the trick as they were sopping. She got out the car as she needed a piss, i watched her crouch down and the familar sound as she squirted. She finally got back in and started undoing my belt as i freed her lovley pert boobs, her nipples were like organ stops, as my cock sprand out of its enclosure no sooner she had her mouth around it and started giving me a slow sensual blow job only pausin when she heard a car drive by the other side of the hedge, my heart was racing like mad, the thought of getting caught only making things more intense!

Just as she was starting to biuld up a steady rythm i heard a car pass and noticed the sound of the car had stopped instead of drifted into the distance. Jane was too much into her chore to realise but all sorts of things were going through my head. Looking in the mirror I could just see the road and noticed a shadow of a man comin through the opening to the feild, i alerted jane there was someone there but she just seem to up the pace a little!

I pretended not to see the man and reached over and lifted Janes skirt and started rubbing her ass and pussy to which she started moaning, louder than usual. Leaning over i could see the man through the side mirror, he was crouching down at the back side looking in, I couldnt see his cock but his arm movements told the story, I wispered to Jane that we were being watched by a man wanking outside the car to which she replied "well we better put on a better show".

She got up, removed her blouse and bra and climbed between the seats smiling at the man on the way and sat in the middle of the rear seats, her legs to the outside of each front seat and beckoned me over. Well this was it, we were gonna make love in front of a complete stranger. He obviously got the green light as he came right up to the window for a closer look, cupping his hands around his face as to block out the moon light against the window!

I had been pretty well dragged along in all this up to now so i thought I'd help him out a little and reach up and switched the interior light on. As i sat down jane wasted no time in sitting astride me facing the front of the car and started feeding my cock into her soaking wet snatch, there was no resistence at all and she took it all in and paused for a second, as she took a second to ajust i whispered if i should open the window a little to which she replied 'please urself' i reached over and pressed the button but nothing happend as the ignition was turned off. To this i lifted my hand in a 'bad luck mate' gesature to the man, he responded by opening the door a little and saying sorry is this ok? Jane never responded to this and just started lifting herself up and down on my shaft, i just nodded. I seen the man for the first time, he was about 45, smart apperance with his trousers to his knees sporting a very thick 7in cut cock in his hand slowly rubbing back and forth. This was all too much for me and i started feeling an orgasm building inside me, I told Jane to slow down as i was near to cummin. She then sat up and i shuffled along the seat to the closed door side and she sat down and started rubbing her pussy with vigor, "I'm Steve by the way" the man piped up "hi nice to meet you" i replied, Jane said nothing, "do u mind if I feel her breast?" i told him to do what he likes, I'm sure u will be told to stop if you cross her boundries, where ever her boundries lay i didnt know but i were'nt gonna stop the proceedings soon enough! He reached over and tweaked her left nipple to which she flinched a little from his cold hands but soon relaxed with his presence, she lifted her right leg over my left leg and i slipped my fingers into her soddon cunt, I had never felt her this wet, she moved her other leg and i noticed she had put it over the mans leg as he had sat down in the car and started to suck her on her nipple. She had also got hold of his thick cock and started wanking him. Here was my beautiful wife, sitting in the middle of two men, one a complete stranger, wanking two cocks. I wanted to fuck her now, she lifted up and i shuffled underneath and slipped in no problem, as soon as she was on top i could feel her juices running down my inner thigh, as we picked up speed i felt something different, Jane started bucking uncontrolably as i looked round and Steve was licking her clit while I was fucking her, that was the final straw for me and Jane as I started pumping my hot spunk into Janes womb, it felt like i had cum from about 50 seconds it was so intense, Steve just got up pulled his clothes up and said "thankyou hope we can do this again" and walked off. Jane mentioned he had'nt even cum himself ! We found out he had when jane tried to get off me and put her hand in a very sticky patch on the front of the seat. We drove home very quietly, went to bed had amazing sex twice throught the night and never mentioned it again! Hope we repeat it sometime tho!