Written by Kristian

6 Dec 2008

This is a true story that happened a few years ago when I was 19. My friend Ian was a real ladies man (or so I thought) and a travel agent. He rang me on Thursday morning and asked if fancied a weekend in Jersey, just me and him. Fancying my chances a screwing a local chick or two, I said yes – cos Ian could really pull the birds.

We caught a late flight Friday and checked into our twin room late on, just managing to nip into town for a couple of pints before the pubs shut. Feeling tired, we went back to the hotel rather disappointed, washed and went to bed. I always sleep naked and wipped off my undies when Ian went into the bathroom. We were both lying in our beds watching the telly when Ian asked me to turn the telly over – shit no remote and I had a raging hard on (unknown to Ian) as I had been secretly ticking my cock and balls under my duvet. OK I said and got up with the duvet wrapped around me but as I reached upto turn the telly over, my duvet slipped and my arse and bouncing stiff cock were revealed to my mate. Shit, shit shit I thought, bet he thinks I am a fucking queer. I grabbed my duvet and dived back onto my bed, with my heart pounding. Ian said, fucking hell, you’ve got a fair sized cock, I said, nah, just a normal one. He said how do you know, seen many others. I said, fuck off you dirty bastard and he threw his pillow at me. I threw it back at wich point he leant over and tried to yank my duvet off me. I pushed him back, laughing like mad and fell out of bed onto the floor, pulling Ian out of his bed right onto me.

We both froze, my cock was still rock hard and it was pressed, undraped against Ian’s leg. Fuck, shit damn I thought until Ian started to wrestle with me, he was just ignoring my cock. I had never thought about sex with another male before. However, slowly all my duvet fell away and my cock was still hard and pressed against Ian’s leg. He still had his undies on and swung his leg over me and sat on my belly. He fought some more and pushed back and ended up sat squashing my cock. As I looked down, I could see his cock, hard and poking out of his undies.

Neither of us seemed to know what to do next. I said to Ian, I’m not gay you know, he said neither am I, but seems like we got ourselves into a predicament here. Yeah I said and Ian slid down next to me and started to wrestle me again. Somehow, he managed to get his undies down a bit and I felt his cock pressing against my leg. Oh fuck he said, might as well take these off now. Yeah I said and without thinking, I slid my hand down to scratch my leg and ended up touching the end of Ians cock. It was wet and sticky and he groaned. Feeling really nervous, I brushed my hand against his cock again and he groaned again. My heart was pounding and I thought, oh fuck it and curled my fingers around his shaft. I started to wank him. He let his hand slide over my cock too and we started to wank each other. Ian pulled me over and pressed our cocks together and wanked us both with his hands. I couldn’t hold back and started to come. My spunk exploded all over Ians hand and as soon as I came so did he. We both lay there and Ian said, blimey mate, that was a laugh. And then he licked my spunk from his hand. Tasty he said, try mine. So I did, salty but not bad, I slid down and licked our mixed come off his belly and cock. He then turned over and cleaned my cock up with his tongue. However, he let his tongue dance over my balls and dribbled some spit down the top of my arse crack and I felt his finger start to tickle my arsehole.

Fucking hell I thought, that feels great and my cock started to stiffen again. Ian told me to turn onto my side and slide his head between my thighs, gripped my cock with his hand and slowly started to frig me, he then also began to lick my areshole and push his tongue up it. I was bucking in ecstasy but was far from coming. I noticed Ian’s cock growing hard next to my face so I reached over and started to suck it. I was slurping on his cock only aware that he was wanking me, sucking my balls, tonguing my arsehole and also sliding two fingers in and out of me. Without a word of warning, Ian slid round behind me, turn round and I felt his wet cock pushing between my thighs and against my arsehole. I relaxed and felt his bell end push in, I pushed back (fuck what was I doing) and I relaxed my sphincter and felt him glide right up. He reached round and grabbed my cock and started to thrust into me and pump my cock. My head was spinning, my cock was twitching and my mate was on the verge of coming. I had nowhere to go, so I shamelessly shot my load again over my mates fingers whilst he spurted his load up my arsehole. After a few moments, Ian offered me my cum from his fingers which I lapped up and then as his cock drooped out of my arse, he slide down and licked my arsehole, sucking his come from around and up my arse.

Fucking hell Ian, that doesn’t mean we are gay , no fucking way said Ian. That was the start of the weekend, we picked up two girls the next night………..what a fuck fest…………but more of that later.