Written by analalan

23 Jan 2008

After talking in the pub we agreed to meet each other me been 18 he been in his 50s,a time and place was set i was to meet him at a public toilet. i waited for him to arrive and sat in the car watching men going into the toilet and spending more time in there than i knew i would need. i went in to find men standing, most just looking as if they were peeing i guessed,i went back to my car and noticed his plumbers van parked a few cars away from mine, i walked over. he told me to get in and we talked about what we wanted and agreed to do it, i told him the toilet was full and we would be seen or heard in there. he then said he had just passed a little woods not far away , was i up to trying it,off we went, we turned off the road and drove down a dirt track until we came to a clear space, we both agreed that this was fine and he took his cock out and i started to want his short fat cock, he told me to slow down and take it easy, he told me his wife had gone off sex and that he had never ever tried anal sex, but he knew that that was why i was there.he told me he had some vasaline,we got out the van and walked around to the back , him saying there was more space in the back, he opened to back and i dropped my jeans and pants, he gave my cock a little feel bit said that was not what he was here for and told me to kneel in the back of the van. i climbed in and offered him my bottom, he opened my cheeks and rubbed the hole with vasaline , next i felt him nudging at my hole, he was pushing and i was pushing back, and in it went, he sighed with joy and i cried out with the pain has his fat cock was forced in .he didnt give me much time before he was fucking my bum fast and hard, his belly slapping my cheeks , his fingers digging into me hips pulling me back to meet him,i was in so much discomfort i was praying for him to shoot him cum .Next there was a great noise, he pulled out, that hurt like hell, i looked around to see a train passing not 20 feet away from the van. he pulled up his overhauls swearing turning the air blue, i pulled up my pants and jeans, he told me to get in quick and he would drop me off, at the toilet, i tried to tell him it would be fine, the then told me to shut up, it was not my name on the side of the van...ooops