Written by James

7 Nov 2008

Having read many adventures on here of people dogging, I got my wife to agree to give it a go after months of persuasion. It was to be strictly on her terms though, going only as far as she wanted.

On the night in question she had her all black satin underwear on and black seamed stockings.

We got to the site and it was now almost a half light. We were the only car there and there didn\\\'t appear to be anyone walking about either. It was really a bit disappointing.

After quite some time there was still no company but by now we were kissing and fondling. Her blouse was open to reveal her tits and her panties were off.

We were almost ready to start fucking when lo and behold another car did draw up and park a little way away. I had already made her come once on the seat and onto the panties that lay there. She was wanking my cock when the guy from the car started to approach. I left her to decide what she would do. When he was standing next to the car looking in, she let the window down quite some way. At this point he got out his cock, stood right next to the car with his cock at the open window. To my delight my wife took her wet panties off the seat and proceeded to wrap them round his cock and wank him.

He came with a huge gush of spunk all over my wife\\\'s blouse and skirt. When she let go of his cock, her panties dropped to the ground. She didn\\\'t want to open the door to get them though. At this stage I sensed she had gone as far as she wanted, certainly on this occasion.

So up went the window and we drove off. I kept looking over at her with her spunk stained blouse and skirt and got hard every time.

When we got in we didn\\\'t even make it upstairs, we just got on the floor, I pushed up her skirt and fucked her really soaking pussy.

We have since wondered what our stranger friend did with the panties.