Written by chazket

8 Oct 2008

They came as a pair. 2 fantastic looking young birdsand both up for it big time. So we pilled out of the club and into a taxi to my place. I have a flat on the water front with a nice king size bed to play on. As we walk into the entrance hall, I eye their scanty dresses, legs and high heels. They are half pissed and giggle like silly school girls. I open the door of my flat. We all go inside. The first silly bitch cops the bed and runs and flops on to it. I watch as the other joins her and they roll about. I\'m getting a hard on. Suddenly they start kissing. I take my shirt off. Next thing, the brunet pulls down the blond\'s top and starts sucking on a tit. I\'ve now got a full hard on and it\'s in my hand. Seeing it, the blond waves me over and scrabbles out of her panties. Spreading her legs, she tells me to have her. I don\'t hang about. I\'m up her in a flash and humping away instantly. The other bitch strips and climbs onto my back. She starts riding us crying out, \" Giddy up boy. Screw her! Screw her!\" I go for it. But I want both of them. I pull out of the first and enter the second. Her fanny feels different. Tighter inside. I fuck her hard while the other dirty bitch snoggs her gasping mouth. We fuch like animals. It\'s fantastic. I am about to shoot my load when the one under me says, \"Not in my fanny. On my face. Shear it with her. I pull out. They both get their faces around my cock. I wank it to the moment when I suddenly screw my eyes up and shoot a massive load into the air. There is a sudden feeding frenzy as both lick and eat my still pumping spunk. Fuck did I cum. They licked my cock clean as a whistle. As I lay there on the bed. They start on each other. Lesbian stuff. WOW! What a floor show. They eat each others fannies, suck tits. But it\'s when one fists the other that my limp spent cock is suddenly up and ready again. I listen as the bitch moans as the other forces her hand into her pussy. Suddenly I at her back door, my stiff cock up her arse. I fuck her hard and she likes it. What a night that was. I kicked them out at eight the next morning but I screwed them both again before. Filthy bitches wrote their contact number all over the bathroom wall in lipstic. After having the wall re-painted, well we now fuck regularly. Bi leso\'s or what? I\'ll let you think on that one. All I know is they are fantastic in bed. WOW!

More from the life of Chaz soon. Cheerz all.