Written by wow

23 Dec 2013

not long ago I was in a bar in Benidorm ,it was about10 o'clock when 2 couples walked in together , the two women were pretty good looking they were both in their thirties, one had shoulder length blonde hair she had a short pleated white skirt, a blue silky top, heels and well tanned you could tell she had no bra on, he tits were firm and her nipples pushed her top out, the other had dark hair she had heels on , a quite short silky wrap around dress , again no bra and well tanned . they all sat near me with a bottle of wine and from were I was sat I had a good view of their legs.

about 15 mins went by when this old man walked in , he was a big bloke not fat but thick set he was easily in his 70s ,he got a pint of bitter and went and sat with them , the men shook his hand and the women gave him a peck , he sat next to the blonde and after drinking most of his pint I noticed he had his hand on her knee then moved it higher , she uncrossed her legs and his hand went very high. next thing he lent over and said some thing and they both got up and left , he hubby, I think he was said see you later. 40 mins later they both came back , her clothes looked a bit messed up , she sat one side of the other woman and he sat the other , the women were talking to each other and smiling , then I saw the old man take a packet out and take something , 15 mins later him and the other woman stand up and leave, I gave them 2 mins and went outside, I just caught site of them 40 yards down the road they were walking close together and he had his hand on her ass , they went round a corner so I followed I caught up as they entered building , it had glass doors ,I saw them inside ,she had her back to the wall, and they were kissing his hand was inside her short dress and her panties were down round one ankle then they walked round the corner and I thought fuck .I hung around for a few mins and was going back to the bar when I saw a light go on in a room down an alley way , I went down ,looked through the partly opened blind and was shocked to see him on the bed about six feet in front of me naked with a cock like a cucumber pointing up , then she walked in her dress was open , a stunning body she got on him and started playing with his cock a few mins later they rolled over ,him on top between her legs , she said something to him, then he took his dentures out and kissed her down her body stopping at her tits and sucking them and her big hard nipples, she was moaning and playing with herself then he moved down licking her legs up to her pussy , she had hold of his head , you could see she was coming by her face ,he moved up her and started fucking her, and he fucked her hard as well for a good 20 mins in every position

and for an oldman he could go some ,she just came and came then he moaned pulled out and came all over her ,they both lay there for a few mins she said something then started putting her clothes back on , I went back to the bar but they did not come back for a good half hour ,they must have carried on , I did notice both women feel each other ,i went back the next night but they didn't