Written by Christine

17 Sep 2015

With two failed marriages and countless failed relationships behind me, I’d given up hope of finding the ideal man for me as I approached 40 yrs old. The main problem with me is that I can’t stay faithful. I’m not a total slut you understand but I get plenty of attention (petite blonde size 8 with decent boobs) and from time to time I’ve dabbled with extra cock. I have a weakness for younger or wealthy men, particularly blacks.

My first husband caught me and never actually spoke to me again. He just moved out of our rented flat leaving me with the bills. Second husband tried to work it out as we had kids but he just couldn’t get his head around the fact that I’d been taken by a black man at a party (one of his friends saw me with him) and ultimately divorce came. And yet, this had been my revenge for him fucking the office slut at his own Christmas party.

For almost a decade I brought the kids up on my own which was hard work and crap for my social life. I had the odd boyfriend here and there but not many guys are willing to take on other people’s kids. Then, with only two weeks of my thirties left I got a message from social media from Dan. Over 20 years earlier, Dan had lived in our house as a lodger when my divorced mum needed the income and let out the third bedroom while my sister and I were made to share a room. I was full of resentment of this guy, just out of university who had my bedroom for 6 months. Plus, he had a girlfriend who would visit from time to time. it was only after he moved out that I realised just how infatuated I was.

I responded to his email and we met for coffee one lunchtime. He’d aged but was still lovely. I blurted out my life story then regretted it. during the two hours we got closer and closer together until at one point he had his hand on my thigh. It was electric and my pussy throbbed. He said he had to leave but if it helped he could give me a lift home. Now married with kids he had a large smart people carrier – the sort with 7 seats and blacked out rear windows. He was parked in a side street and I told him that I’d never been in such a big car. He offered to show me how the seats fold into the floor but I knew it was just an excuse to get me in the back. I accepted and as soon as we were on the back seats we kissed with his tongue exploring my mouth. before long I had his cock out and gave him one of my best blow jobs. When he came in my mouth I showed him his spunk on my tongue before swallowing it. I knew he’d be impressed by that.

He put his clothing back together and gave me a lift home. We agreed to meet again, and that was the start of a whole set of adventures which I can tell you about another time…