Written by J

3 Jun 2016

Relates to 13 Oct 2008, England scores, I win.

Back in 2008 you may recall England beat Germany 5 to 1. And I won a bet that got Debbie, my wife, gang banged. It's not long so worth a read.

Now 45, Debby is a little less cuddly and is now 38 G. Heavy and soft but oh so nice. At five feet three she really looks top heavy.

Since that first time we have done a little dogging now and then, but not a great deal, kids etc, In the way. Then last Friday Deb came home with an odd look on her face.

She had been in the super market when an guy of about thirty to thirty five asked if he knew her. She said that she was grateful but that was an old line when he showed her a picture.

It was Debby from 2008 up on her knees being fucked and held up by her tits from behind.

Long storey made not so, this guy had seen her around and then saw the pic on the web somewhere, and knew he had seen that face around. I asked what the outcome was ans Debby told me with a gleam in her eye that we were going out Saturday night.

So there we were at the back of the old sports ground, in the three walls of an old building out of the wind. Debby swallowed hard when she saw five men, all well under forty, all with bulging crotches.

No messing around, her shopping buddy walked up and began to open the buttons on the front of Debbie's dress and just threw it back off her shoulders. In no time she had a face in her clung and in her rear and her tits were covered in hands.

Minutes later, with a squeal of orgasmic joy, Deb was on her hands and knees being spit roast. Each guy had a photo taken from the side of his cock in her face, I did say no photos but the reply was,

Bit late, the slapper is already on the net or she wouldn't be full of cock now, would she.

Hard to argue.

Each guy had his cock in my wife at both ends at some point, and at least three came in her twice, I reckon about four loads in her mouth and the rest inside her hole. As for her breasts, they are still a little tender from the groping.

The guys took off quickly and Debby said she wanted more, so I fucked missionary and then we went dogging. Only one guy turned up and he played with her jugs while she blew him, and the bent her over the bonnet and shot into her from behind after several minutes of hard shagging. As she was obviously well fucked already he called her a whore, slut and bike etc. Deb likes that sometimes.

So one more fuck back home and that was it. Best night since 2008. I said I hoped that the shopper had agreed not to put pictures online when he made Debby agree to meet up.

“Who said he made me? It was a mutual agreement!”