Written by Sarah

3 Oct 2016

Thanks for all your lovely comments. I only realised after I'd posted that I didn't tell you anything about myself so I thought I'd put that right before continuing. As you know my name is Sarah. I'm thirty years old and my vitals are 34C-24-35. I think my tits are quite nice, firm, round and symmetrical. I'm quite tall at five feet seven inches and like to wear heels. Some of the higher heels make me close to six feet tall and my legs look longer and more shapely. I'm a natural blond and as I mentioned in the first part keep my pussy smooth.

Maybe you think I was too cautious staying in my locked car, tossing two guys off through the partially open window, declining to get out and let them fuck me. I regretted leaving without being fucked at least once but think it was the sensible, if frustrating, decision.

Having enjoyed myself, I set about plotting to fulfil Rich's fantasy of watching me being fucked. He had no idea that I knew that I'd read his stories or seen the photos he'd posted of me naked. I subtly encouraged him to take more photos, making sure my poses were explicit, ensuring my face was turned away, hoping that he'd upload them for more people to see “Slut Sarah” which was what he'd called me. To my disappointment he didn't appear to upload them and the ones he had uploaded disappeared.

I was back on the forums and messaging attempting to find somewhere we could go that would seem accidental or we'd just stumbled on. A tall order, as it happens, but I persevered. I was sure that I'd succeed even if it took me weeks or months. So confident was I that I bought one or two items of clothing which I was certain he'd want me to wear on what he would think was an ordinary night out.

I found a few places that I could have gone to alone while he was away. I actually got in the car twice and set off. On both occasions I changed my mind and returned home, and ended up playing with myself, imagining what might have happened. It wasn't that I didn't want to go. I did and I wanted to be fucked by guys. My problem was I feared that if I did go, I would give in to temptation, and once I started letting guys fuck me, I wouldn't want or be able to stop and might give up on my plan for Rich.

It had been about five weeks, I was scrolling through a forum when a location was mentioned that leapt out at me. It was somewhere we were both familiar with from the past, one of several places we used to go and have sex before we were married. I thought about it over the next couple of hours, a plan starting to form. It was about a hour and a half drive, near a place where we were living at the time. We could drive there Saturday evening, a meal in a pub - restaurant, then, if all went to plan I'd be getting fucked while he watched on the way home.

That night in bed, after we'd had sex, I suggested we drove there on the Saturday evening for a meal, tempting him by telling him I'd ordered a new mini skirt which had been delivered earlier and I'd wear it. “With stockings?” he asked. I told him that of course I would, which clinched it. I'd actually had the skirt about a month, one of two, of different lengths, but otherwise identical, I'd ordered separately online. I'd ironed the shorter one that afternoon then repacked it flat,with the original delivery label on the outside, the receipt for the longer skirt inside. I was confident he wouldn't notice it wasn't the original packaging when it was opened.

I had everything in place for my plan to succeed. EarlySaturday evening we went upstairs to get ready. I showered, washed my hair, shaved my legs, under my arms and most importantly my pussy. While Rich showered, I put on a pair of hold up stockings, a tiny G-String with a matching quarter cup shelf bra which supported my tits but left them exposed. I was sat at my dressing table drying my hair when he returned. It was the first time he'd seen the underwear, his eyes lit up and he made a grab for me. I told him he'd have to wait until later and started to do my make up while he dressed.

I'd just about finished my make up, ready to dress, a wrap over blouse hung on a hanger from the mirror, a pair of shoes with about a 4 ½ inch heel on the floor beside me. On the bed the package containing the skirt. Time to put my devious plot into action. “Be a dear. Open the package on the bed. It's the skirt I ordered” I asked, watching in the mirror as he ripped the plastic open. He took the skirt out, held it up. “Wow. Bloody hell” I heard him say. I turned around, asked what was wrong, then when he showed me tried to look surprised and sound annoyed, telling him they'd sent the wrong one and to look at the invoice. He looked, agreed that it was shorter than what I'd ordered, then suggested I should try it on anyway.

I gave a sigh, but inwardly I was pleased he was reacting as I expected. I stepped into it it, pulled it up and zipped it. In the mirror I could see how short it was. “I can't go out in this. It hardly covers my bum” I told him. “It's not that short” he responded. I pointed out that most of the lace band on the stocking tops was visible. “You can hardly see them” he claimed. “No. It's too short. Every guy will be looking at me” I said, playing on what I suspected he wanted. I could see he was trying to think of an answer and thought I might have pushed to far. I quickly added that it might be alright without stockings hinting that I would wear it bare legged. He likes me in stockings, but the short skirt, as I hoped and expected, won. He asked if I'd go wearing the skirt without stockings. I made a show of reluctance, let him think he was persuading me, then agreed so he thought it was all his idea.

He reminded me time was getting on if we were going to be at the restaurant for 9pm. I removed the stockings, put on the wrap over blouse, tying it at the side the plunging front revealing the swell of my tits. I slipped on my shoes, checked my make up. A final look in the mirror, my bare legs looked longer in the heels, short skirt skimming the top of my thighs, the blouse revealing quite a lot of tit - I was ready.

We arrived early and were invited to wait in the bar until our table was ready. It was busy, couples and groups at tables, mainly guys at the bar. The only available place to sit was a low sofa in an alcove at right angles to the bar, largely hidden from the rest of the room. Rich went to the bar to fetch drinks. I noticed him glancing at the guys looking at me, realised he was watching me too. It was almost impossible for me to sit down with any decorum though I didn't make much effort too. Pretending I didn't know he was watching I lowered my bum onto the sofa. Aware that the string between my legs had slipped into my gash, I sat giving the guys at the bar a prolonged flash up my skirt, excited that the could probably the string disappearing into my slit and my fleshy labia splayed either side. I swivelled, knees together as Rich returned, and commented how difficult it was to sit in a ladylike manner wearing such a short skirt. “So I, and all those guys, noticed” he replied with a dirty grin.

We went through to the restaurant, had our meal. All I could think of was whether my plan would work, taking every opportunity to be sexually suggestive, from innuendo to telling him how horny I felt, especially after flashing the guys at the bar. Whilst waiting for the bill I nipped to the loo. I had a pee, freshened up my lipstick, took off my G-string, and scrunched it up in my hand. I returned to the table and dropped it next to his coffee cup and whispered in his ear that I wanted him to stop somewhere on the way home and fuck me.

The bill paid we got up from the table. With Rich's arm possessively round my waist, I “inadvertently” caught my clutch bag under my skirt, lifting the hem exposing my pussy. We walked through the bar towards the exit with my cunt on full view of the same guys. I gave them a wink as I passed so they knew it was deliberate. In the car I blamed the short skirt and guys looking at me for making me horny. We pulled out of the car park, I reached over and stroked Rich's cock through his trousers, feeling him getting hard. “Can we stop somewhere to fuck?” I asked huskily. I could feel he was erect, knew he wasn't going to refuse. Not many men would in that state. He asked if I had any ideas where we could stop. I said I was sure we'd find somewhere, left it for a minute or two. We were getting close to where we'd have to turn off. I was about to say something to jog his memory when he beat me to it. “If we take the next turning we can go to the place we used go. Shall we go there” he asked, naming the dogging location. “Yes, just hurry” I replied, hardly able to contain my excitement.

It was about 10 minutes away. I flicked the interior lights on, and began to play with myself. He turned off into the country park. It was just as I remembered it, a childrens play area, a signpost, Picnic Area ½ mile. Rich slowed on the uneven surface. I took off my skirt, untied my blouse and removed it. He looked towards me“Just saving time” I told him, slipping a couple of fingers into my pussy. We turned into the picnic area, the headlights swung across a table, illuminating a woman, spreadeagled over it, legs hanging off one side, head the other, a guy fucking her, while she sucked another, watched by four or five others.

The lights swung across another car, men looking through the windows, some looked towards us, gesticulating to us to turn of our lights probably. “I think we better leave” Rich said unexpectedly. That was the last thing I wanted.. “No. Lets stay and watch for a while” I replied hurriedly, giving his cock a squeeze to encourage and distract him. It worked. I lowered my window as he parked, switched off the engine, the headlights going off at the same time.

Out of my open window I could make out there was something going on at the back of a van I hadn't noticed, only ten or fifteen metres away. All I could see were legs, the open rear doors concealing what was happening. Rich turned the interior lights off, leaning forward, staring at the woman being fucked on the table. Our lights had obscured the fact that someone was holding quite a bright, portable lamp while someone else videoed. I leant towards him, took his hand and placed it on my pussy telling him to finger me. “This is awesome” I quietly told him, deftly unfastening his trousers and releasing his fully erect cock.

I began to wank him, then tried to lean over to suck him. The handbrake, gear lever, box between the seats and steering wheel all seemed to have been designed to make things as difficult as possible. I switched the interior light back on to see what I was doing, told him to slide his seat back. He switched the light off again, pushed his seat back. I switched the light back on. “You'll attracted attention. That's a signal you want to be watched” he whispered. “Oh! Is it” I answered innocently. He tried to switch it off . I stopped him and said I thought it would be fun to be watched and I wanted to suck his cock. Like most guys with an erection, his cock ruled him and he didn't argue.

I knelt on my seat. Behind me I could feel the cooler night air on my bum through the open window as I leant over, lowered my head, took his cock in his mouth and began to suck him off. Little more than a minute passed before I heard a voice from behind me asking if he could touch my cunt. I lifted my head, looked up at Rich and nodded. I could see from his expression, the look in his eyes how excited he was as he told the guy to go ahead and finger me. He wasn't looking at me, but towards the window when I felt the guy touch my cunt and resumed sucking Rich's cock.

I was feeling horny as hell, cock in mouth, some strangers fingers in my pussy, except for the handbrake, jabbing me in the ribs, my tits squashed against something else. I stopped sucking Rich, said I was too uncomfortable and told him I wanted to get out of the car. For several moments I thought he was going to tell me not too, then to my relief he agreed, then almost as an afterthought warned me that guys would want to fuck me. “I don't have a problem with that if you don't” I immediately replied. He looked as if all his Christmas's had come together as I took off my bra, opened the door, got out and walked to the front of the car, calling to him to switch on the sidelights.

I stood facing the car, legs apart in all my naked glory, lewdly rubbing my pussy. I watched Rich get out of the car, noticed he'd put his cock away. I remembered his stories and took this as an invitation to go ahead and fuck or suck as many guys as I wanted, recalling that in one story he'd had me being fucked by eighteen men. I didn't think I could manage that but I was determined to have sex with at least two or three.

There was something really erotic about being naked outdoors, behaving in such a blatantly sexual and slutty manner that really turned me on. If there's such a thing as a “Slut Hormone” I must have been producing it by the litre. I could see guys turning to look, moving towards us. I twisted around, backed up until my legs touched the car and sat on the bonnet. There were about ten approaching, two or three with their cocks out, stroking them, more were indistinct shadows further away. I opened my legs, and wantonly exposed my cunt, fingering myself while I studied them.

Of the ten I could see, three, maybe four were in there twenties, early thirties and reasonably attractive. The remainder were middle aged, some overweight and normally I wouldn't have considered them. This was there lucky night. I'd been thinking about almost nothing but sex most of the day and evening and I was gagging for cock. Though I dispute this, Rich is adamant that I said “Who wants to fuck me first?” I don't recall saying anything, my actions speaking louder than words.

Whoever's correct I suppose it amounted to much the same thing. Three were more forward, approached and asked if they could touch me. I stopped playing with my pussy, rested my hands on the bonnet supporting myself, opened my legs wider and told them they were welcome too. I was almost a spectator at first, watching two of them grope and squeeze my tits, play with nipples then suck them, whilst the third, squatted between my legs fingering my cunt. Standing next to the bonnet I could see Rich, he looked delighted by what was happening, engrossed by the guy between my legs who started to lick my pussy and suck my clit. I sighed, and pressed my cunt against his face, any last vestiges of sexual restraint evaporating.

I was sort of floating, all the different sensations, tongues, mouths, lips and hands exploring the most intimate parts of my body. It felt so good. I locked my eyes on Rich's eyes. He read the wanton look on my face accurately. “You can fuck her if you want” he invited the guy whose tongue had been probing my cunt. He didn't need asking twice.

He stood, put his hands under my thighs to support me, aimed his cock at my gaping, sodden hole. I looked down between my legs watching as his knob entered me and he pushed it in. It wasn't particularly long or thick, but he was the first and it felt amazing to be taking the cock of a total stranger while Rich stood beside me watching. He began fucking me with slow steady strokes. Either side of me the other two guys were still groping my tits but now stroking their hard cocks. I had no doubts of their intentions, lay back, reached out and was just able to reach their balls and cup them. I squeezed them gently, rolling them in my palm, telling them that they could have me next. Behind them I could see Rich watching, smiling, nodding his approval.

The guy fucking me started, pumping his cock in and out faster, grunting, then straining when he dumped his spunk inside me. He pulled out, the guy on my left, moved between my legs to replace him and within a few seconds I was being fucked for the second time. He came too quickly, the third guy slide his cock in, displacing some of the spunk from my cunt. I could feel cum around my fuck hole, the tops of my thighs wet, my cunt squelching each time he slid into me. He was a bit bigger, and with the help of my fingers, dancing on my clit I came just before he emptied his balls into my greedy pussy.

Another couple of guys fucked me then I took a few minutes breather, chatted to some of the guys and an attractive woman in her forties, naked like me, who'd appeared from the van. She offered to help and we crouched next to each other, sucking cocks, letting some cum in our mouths. I don't know about her but I swallowed most of what went in my mouth, wiping off what went on my face with the back of my hand, before offering my cunt for more guys to fuck. I was fucked from behind, bent over the bonnet, sucking another guys cock. Most of the ones who fucked me from behind were the older guys who I didn't really fancy, but felt they deserved a fuck anyway. Not being able to see them I imagined they were young hunks. To be fair one of them had a particularly large, thick cock, fucked me for ages before he came copiously inside me. He was the only one to make me orgasm, twice in fact, without the help of my fingers.

The guy after him, the last of the “Doggers”, was nervous, didn't feel very hard, though that could have been because of my cunt being stretched by the large cock I'd just taken. I'm not sure if he even came, not that it mattered. It seemed that all those who wanted a fuck had fucked me or my new friend Molly. That is all except for one. By then spunk was running from my well fucked cunt, the insides of my legs wet from my thighs almost to my ankles as well as some on my bum and back.

The last guy finished, I started to stand but I felt hands on my shoulders, pushing me back down. “You haven't finished yet. I want to fuck you” unexpectedly it was Rich. In his stories he only ever watched. I reached between my legs, hand searching for his cock. I grabbed it, wrapped my fingers around his shaft. I can't remember him ever being so rampantly hard. I'm sure I could feel his cock throbbing, the blood pulsing through the swollen veins as I guided it into my spunk drenched cunt.

He fucked me frenziedly, repeatedly telling me what a wonderful Slut and a Whore I was letting so many guys fuck me. He kept saying what an awesome sensation it was, sliding his cock into my cum soak cunt after so many guys had fucked me. I responded to his words and his lust and we fucked like a pair of mating wild animals, ending up rolling on the ground, me on top, then him until we both climaxed almost simultaneously.

I practically staggered to the car, found a box of tissues and started to clean myself as best I could. Every time I wiped my pussy more spunk leak from my hole. I dressed, folded some tissues to stop most of the cum from staining the car seats. Molly came over, now dressed, we chatted for a few minutes exchanging mobile numbers before we departed.

Rich spoke excitedly about what I'd done, recalling each of the thirteen guys (I thought it was only twelve) who'd fucked me. He told me I'd looked a complete slut, fucking and sucking, cum pouring from my cunt and how great it had been fucking me after I'd been had by all those men. “We must go again. the second time will be even better if we plan it properly” he enthused. I'd been debating how or whether to tell him everything. I decided to come clean. “That was my second time” I told him. There was a stunned silence which lasted several seconds before he asked what I meant. As we drove home I told him how I'd found out about his secret fantasy and told him everything I've told you in these two stories. It had turned out so well he had to forgive me though he did make me promise never to go alone again.

That was about a seven weeks ago. A couple of days later Maggie phoned and we had a long conversation. We hit it off and arranged to meet at the same place two weekends later. Seven guys fucked me, she had more. We went out once more and another five guys fucked me. There could have been more, but this time I was a bit more choosy. Therein lies my problem. Partly the novelty was wearing off, but also I was getting disillusioned. Perhaps I was just unlucky but there were more guys I didn't find attractive than ones who I wanted to fuck me.

We've become much more open about our sexual desires and fantasies. I explained to Rich that whilst dogging had been great fun and I didn't regret trying it, I'd decided it isn't for me. He was fine about it, especially when I told him that I still wanted to have sex with more guys. We talked about what to do next and I spoke to Maggie, asking if she had any suggestions. She had plenty, but the one we both liked where I could be more selective was to rent a country cottage with everyone sharing the cost.

The first is being arranged for the end of the month with me, Rich, Maggie and her husband. So far twelve guys are invited, some Maggies friends, others I've chosen, with hopefully several more to be added. We both intend to indulge in our sexual fantasies. I'm particularly looking forward to watching Rich fulfil one of his, though I'm not convinced he'll actually do it. Time will tell.

I'll let you know how it goes in a few weeks time.

Sarah xxx