Written by peter

21 Apr 2014

Following up on how my 2nd wife was so cock happy, couldn't get enough prick. She'd really turn me on when she told me how she'd been fucked by other men. This night was no exception.

She'd been out with her friend Pat who's birthday it was. They went for a meal and then on to an over 25 night. Women went there with one thing in mind and that was to get chatted up and fucked. she arrived home at at about 2 o'clock, I heard a car pull up an some minutes late heard her open the door. She went straight to the bathroom before joining me in bed naked.

I asked if she'd had a good night and she said "oh yes".

I asked if she'd been fucked and she said she said she had and it was good. I had a hard on thinking about it and told her to talk dirty and tell me what took place. She said that she and Pat had a meal before going to the over 25 night. There were lots of men eyeing up the women and soon she was being chatted up as was Pat. Other men chatted her up during the evening before she decided who was going to fuck her. She told Pat that he was giving her a lift home and she said she was fixed up also. Craig, the man she wasze of it. She liked being fucked by men with big cocks with took her back to his place. Apparantely he was divorced . once inside the house he kissed her passionately and touched her tits over her dress. She could feel his cock against, it was already hard and felt nice and big. She moved her hand down and held it over his trousers and she said she was pleased by tgood..ize of it and was looking forward to him shagging her. He led her upstairs and lay her on his king sized bed. His tongue rolled around hers as he kissed her. He unzipped her dress all the way down her back and drew it over her shoulders to her waist. He undid her bra and removed it exposing her firm breasts. He squeezed them and sucked her nipples making them hard as he rolled his tongue over them. Her hand moved down to his trousers and she unzipped his fly and unbuckled his belt. He removed his trousers and underpants revealing his big hard cock. She told him it was nice and big as she wrapped her fingers around his shaft. I was wanking furiously, telling her to tell me more. She didn't disappoint and continued to describe what took place. She went down on him taking his large knob in her mouth, opening wide to accommodate him. He groaned as he felt her teeth gently scrape his sensitive knob. He said it felt so good. He removed her dress and then her French knickers leaving just her stockings and suspender belt on. He made her shudder when she felt his fingers enter her now very wet cunt.he removed his shirt so that he was now naked and she told me she was more than ready for him to give her a good fucking, she really wanted to feel his hard cock right up inside her rampant pussy. She said she told him to fuck her, that she needed his cock up inside her cunt.

He moved her onto her back and moved on top of her. She felt his big cock against her thigh, ready to to be thrust up into her cunt. She told me she was more than ready to take every inch fully inside her, all 9" of it. He wasn't gentle at all but thrust his prick right up inside her with one thrust. She said it made her cry out as it filled and stretched her. He told her she was beautiful and had a lovely cunt. He squeezed her tits as he rammed his cock hard into her. "God your a great fuck" he grunted as he strove to shag even harder. She told him him he had nice big cock and the loved being fucked by men with big cocks. Then she told him she liked being fucked from behind doggie style and he withdrew and she knelt over with her buttocks raised to accommodate him. He held her hips and pulled her onto his stiff prick, she said it felt even bigger that way. As he was shagging her he reached round and squeezed her hanging tits, she told me she loved it when men did that as that were screwing her from behind. He asked her if she wanted anal and she said yes. He removed his hard cock from her cunt and she felt it at the entrance to her arsehole. She said his cock was lubricated by her juices from her wet cunt and he was gentle this time stretching her tight arsehole as he slowly eased his cock inside her. She told me it felt really big in her arsehole and soon he was duckling her again. She felt his balls against her clit as he started ramming his cock into her. He asked her if she wanted his spunk up her arse or up her cunt. She said she wanted it up inside her cunt and he pulled his cock out of her are and rolled onto her back again and quickly rammed his length back up inside her grunting loudly as he thrust harder and harder. "Come on you cunt" he shouted as he fucked her harder, "your fucking cock aren't you" he grunted. "Yes, I love cock, big cocks, don't stop, fill me with spunk, I like lots of spunk". With that he groaned and rammed every inch up inside her, keeping it there as he pumped a load of spunk against the neck of her womb. She told me it felt tremendous as she felt his thick shaft throbbing deep inside her as he came. He didn't move for awhile and then began to fuck her again. " oh fucking hell you fuck me so good" she cried as he slowly thrust into her before collapsing on top of her, his cock softening slowly. He lay beside her and told what a great fuck she was. She told she had enjoyed it too and that perhaps they meet up again and he could give her another good fucking.

I was more than ready to come and moved on top of her. "Be gentle as my cunt is a tender and sore from his cock" she didn't have to worry as I was soon pumping another load of spunk inside her well fucked cunt.