Written by silk

18 Nov 2017

first day back from maspolomas what a great holiday nudist beach plenty of sex with the wife and more but the nights at a swingers club they were great me and my partner have been to many but enjoyed this year more than ever we called in on a Friday night to find the place quite busy changed had a drink then a wander we ended up on a bed with glory holes at one end I started licking my partner with her head near the holes when a big white cock came into view she took this as a challenge to get most of it down her throat then some one pushed open my legs and started on my cock I look to see a woman sucking me the in the next instance some ones fingers pushed passed my mouth and into the wife she just moaned out load I could see the cock she was sucking pump spunk into her mouth she just let it slide down her throat then hands helped turn her over before I could move she was filled again from both ends by strangers cock I slipped to one side and watched my cock rampant I went for a walk into a room with three beds at different levels I got to the top level where a woman was getting serviced by three men that when I turned and noticed a blond woman good looking at very well stacked in all the right places she stood there watching a man behind her pushed her down onto the bottom level pushed her knees apart from behind and started fucking her this was to much for me and black guy the black guy got in front of her and put is cock to her mouth she just opened up and started to suck she was pushing back on to the cock pounding her from the rear the black guy was about 9 inch long but she swallowed to his balls he could not control him self so pulled away I think she would have drained him a swallowed his spunk I got in is place she commenced to do the same with me she was wanton if I had stayed I would have filled that sucking mouth with spunk but needed to fuck her I asked and she said yes I swapped with the guy behind her pushed my cock up her and she fucked me pushing back on every stroke she was squiring come every where there were hands all over her she was wet though and coming all the time her cunt just sucked my cock dry I exploded into her wishing I was fucking her bare back she stood glistening with perspiration the guy in front pushed is fingers up her and she came all over the floor they the both left I saw them going out of the club together so they must have been partners I told my wife and she told me she had watched everything wile sucking two guys of behind us she had never seen anybody give there body up like that and suggested if we can catch the again lets have a for some but we went back every night but did not see the again but a great fuck and suck and what a body .