Written by Carol B.

23 Nov 2007

I\\\'m Carol; 47, two grown-up kids left home, husband Roland (I call him Roly...he is a little overweight...!) and till recently fairly conventional sex-life. It changed after Roly and I had a good bed-time shag; he sensed that having done his best, I still needed something extra to reach that ultimate fullfilment...so for the first time ever, we talked about it, and concluded that a threesum was the way forward. Then dawn broke, and it did\\\'nt seem such a good idea. But Roly had a friend known to us both - Bob (no, not a builder) who had divorced years ago - about 50-ish, quiet, easy-going, sometimes came round for a Sunday roast. I had never (honestly) thought of Bob as a potential sexual partner, but being thoroughly British I took the view that in times of adversity, lay back and enjoy it!

Roly invited Bob over one Tuesday evening, having (with my knowledge and approval) told him that some sexy fun might be on the menu. From what Roly said, Bob did\\\'nt hesitate....I think he has been a bit light on the women stakes of late - so I spent the next few days mentally preparing myself for the first man to fuck me since we had married, happy hubby by my side.

I really could\\\'nt bring myself to dress a la tart, so stuck to button-up blouse, shortish skirt and black hold-ups. Not having an Ann Summers wardrobe it was ordinary black pants and bra underneath.

I admit I was nervous, as much for Bob as for myself, but some food, wine, soft background music soon had we three in the lounge feeling the tension of a sexual encounter.....Roly had said that the first moves were up to me, so sitting cross-legged on the sofa (showing a lot of plump thigh) I undid the top three blouse buttons before pouring Bob another glass of wine, making sure he saw the ample cleavage displayed. I was grateful when Bob took over the initiative \\\'I hope you don\\\'t mind me saying so, Carol, but you have lovely boobs!\\\' Roly weighed in: \\\'Yes, lovely to play with....come on, Carol, lets\\\' see them proprerly!\\\' My cue; off came the blouse, then on an impulse, the bra too. There I was sitting with my upper torso completely naked, boobs sagging a little, but my nipples hardening.

I don\\\'t know if Roly and Bob had worked out a plan of attack beforehand, but the pair of them soon had their hands and tongues working over my prize mammaries. I have to admit I was loving it....then Roly pulled my hand over to rest on Bob\\\'s trousered cock....it was already hard, and within minutes the three of us had contrived to remove Bob\\\'s trousers and pants down to his ankles, leaving me with a very stiff cock hovering just inches from my face. It moved with a gentle throb, the purple head shiny with the skin tight, and a small blob of transparent fluid forming at the squirty-eye bit.

Just as I had sucked Roly a thousand times, it was natural to take Bob\\\'s willie in my mouth...it seemed quite big, and very hard...but nice, I could smell the shower gel on his abdomen as I took most of his length into my mouth....then at least one hand started fumbling with my undies; I\\\'m not sure who it was, but lifted my botty up so that my pants could be taken off.....the lovliness of suddenly feeling naked was good....as were the fingers that probed my vagina, quickly finding my \\\'start\\\' buttons.....as Roly continued to warm my machinery, Bob shed the rest of his kit: He took over caressing my cunty-bits while Roly got naked, and very good he was too, his fingers gently arousing my interior to a point where a cock would be most welcome.

But not yet. Someone in a previous life had given Bob a magic tongue: Kneeling between by opened legs he was taking me up a heavenly stairway, a flood of pleasure working deep into my womb...I needed cock, now: I pulled Bob up from his oral artistry and literally heaved his manly pelvis to a point where he could not avoid popping his cock into my welcoming lips. Yet instead of passionate thrusts he entered me gently, pulling slightly out before easing back in....I felt my labia enclose his hard helmet as he slowly but firmly penetrated me until I could feel the firmness of his belly pressed against mine. I cannot remember what Roly was doing...Bob had taken me over to the point where I started being consumed by that rising orgasmic tide that erupts and washes over, as though Bob\\\'s cock was charged with some sort of electricity...then he came....I felt him come, a sort of inner jerkiness, followed by the feeling of something fluid deep inside.

Bob kissed me....I kissed him back...we locked tongues...I felt his softening cock recede then slip out....I reached down and touched the sticky glans, wishing it would come back inside me again......

As we rested, the doorbell rang. My first instinct was to run and hide....\\\'It\\\'s ok, Love...it\\\'s a late birthday present for you.....\\\' Roly, still naked, went to the front door, and brought in Colin, our best man of many years ago. I was in an emotional turmoil: Then Roly explained that he had known for years that Colin had fancied me, and that if Roly had turned up late at the church he would have maried me instead! So, as Colin\\\'s various relationshaps had floundered and he was single again, perhaps his aspirations could be met. How do men\\\'s minds work?

Maybe it was Bob\\\'s magic, or the eroticism of the evening, but I did suddenly fancy Colin: To cut to the chase, all three men were naked, erect, sending me into all sorts of crazy feelings, and when I saw Colin\\\'s very hard, very erect cock hovering near my cunt I pulled him straight in. Most stories portray huge todgers that get bigger by the minute, but down to earth, girls, my three men were about \\\'average\\\', but very nice as one by one they all filled me, and emptied themselves into my womb....including Bob who had recovered to be able to deliver another load of his sticky white stuff right up me. Colin was a long stayer, and re-entered me to shoot his sperm after Roly had shot his, so it was quite a circus!

Tired, shagged out, I suppose, I went to bed leaving the men to their beers and footie chat (inevitable!!) but lay there before sleep feeling that I had crossed some invisible ecstacy barrier, and felt so good...how and when four lots of cum seeped out I shall never know, except that I had to change the bottom sheet the next morning............