Written by anon

8 Nov 2008

I moved to an new house a while back a divorcee with 4 children the neighbours were friendly and I soon made friends with a few. they allways invited me to any get togethers or partys. My only problem was 3 of the husbands were allways making passes at me or commenting on my tits, by the way they are 42f the rest of me is still slim after 4 kids but I was blessed? with these big knockers. There was allways 1 of these men asking was I lonely meaning of course did I want a shag. I was so fed up with it because I liked their wives I decided to take the bull by the balls I mean horns and sort it. I invited them seperately to my house when I knew my EX had his weekend access. They each came via the back door expecting to give me a good seeing to. It was so funny to see there faces when they realised there was 3 of them and then change to delight at the thought of a 4some. I soon put them straight, I was wearing my dressing gown and I took it of and said this is what you want but only one of you is going to get it and the others will watch, how to pick easy the one with the biggest cock got to go. Funny watching them who had the biggest, it came down to which was the thickest as they were all the same. And so after a bit of nervousness I dropped to me knees and took his cock in my mouth sucked licked it it filled my mouth I could see the other 2 out of the side of my eye slowly wanking themselves and watching.I pushed him on to his back and lowered myself on his cock and started to ride him slowley at first then I gathered speed I leaned over my tits covering his face suck them this is what you wanted. I could feel my orgasm coming when suddenly I was hit in the face by cum one of the other had shot his load. Seeing him cum and the other one stood up and came on my tits the sight of his cum dripping on to No 1 face as he was sucking my tits he got a mouthfull ha I bet he didnt think he would be licking another mans cum I climaxed at the thought. I stood up and said get out and never bother me again or your wives will know about it. What they didnt know was I had videoed the whole thing in case they started their pestering again, I gave them each a copy at Christmas with the words enjoy I wonder if they have a wank watching it. I now have a new boy-friend and we visit a few dogging places and guess who I saw one night taking it up the ass but No1 mans wife maybe she saw the video and this was her revenge