Written by s-j-m

19 Mar 2015

Joan was my girlfriend and we had a pretty good sex live. She liked most types of sex oral anal and vibrators.

We had been going out for a few weeks when the question of sexuality came up, was she bi sexual?

We chatted and thought no more of it. A few days later Joan rang me up to say she was bringing a young female friend round to my flat, that Thursday evening. She was called Betsy!

Thursday arrived and that evening Joan turned up with this attractive slim girl, about 5/6 years younger than us.

We sat down in the living room drinking a glass of wine, the conversation turned to sex. Joan said to Betsy show him what you are wearing under your dress.

Betsy without hesitating stripped down to pale blue undies and stockings.

I was unsure of what was going to happen next! Joan stripped off and dragged Betsy into my bedroom where they went down on each other.

I very quickly joined them along with Joans vibrator, soon we were all fucking each other. Betsy was up for anything sexual even tried anal but failed to take my cock up her arse, too bigger girth!! Oh well plenty of other holes to fill!

We eventually said goodnight to Betsy but arranged for another sex session that weekend.

I could hardly wait, but Saturday evening came round and a marathon 48 hour sex session took place.

We fucked and fucked no one seemed to flag, the vibrator batteries ran out that was the only failure!!!

One part of the evening someone, I cannot remember who, said what about golden showers!!??

We all three went into the bathroom where Betsy lay down in the bath. Joan cocked her leg and open her cunt and pissed all over Betsy just like a bloke, I followed suit and pissed up and down Betsys now very wet skin.We showered and went back to bed for more sex.

We fucked until Sunday afternoon barely sleeping at all.

We repeated this 3 some for several weeks only breaking up after I split with Joan.

A true unabridged story!