Written by s-j-m

20 May 2010

I answered an advert in the local swingers mag. mature couple require male to fuck wife. I answered and met the couple in a pub several days later. Both were smartly dressed, she had large boobs and was attractive, he was tall and fairly slim. The were both 48 and i was 35, a fairly large age gap in those days (80s). we chatted about what they wanted, it appeared that he suffered from pre ejaculation problems, and 6 or so thrusts in her made him cum and leave her frustrated. She wanted a good fucking every now and then. They had had an American fried who had been fucking her but he was going back to the USA and a replacement was needed.

We got on well and arranged a date at my flat the following week.

The day arrived and the couple turned up at my place, I put a porno video on and she sat between us on the settee. Very shortly she pulled out our cocks and started wanking us off. I then stripped and asked her to, she did and laid on the rug while I positioned myself between her legs. Her husband had never seen a porno movie and was totally gob smached by it, that, and me fucking his wife.Her boobs were indeed large and bounced around very erotically as I thrust into her.

We had been fucking for about 15 mins when she said I will show you the problem with my husband.

With that she got him to lay on the floor and she slid onto his very erect cock, he was a fair size, quite thick as I recall. After about 6 strokes he groaned and shot his load!!!

I now understood.

She warned me not to do the same. I slid into her again which was very wet with his cum and her juices and continued to fuck her until she came, I then shot my load up her.

We chatted on phone a few times but never got it to gether again, shortly after I married and my activities were curtailed