Written by s-j-m

17 Jul 2011

I was about 22 at the time living in Shepperton, my friend Paul, 8 years older, lived in Ealing with a beautify girl called S. She was Asien with very large breast and huge nipples.

I had known them both for a couple of years and I was between girlfriends.

One Saturday I went round for a drink and a chat, as mates do, we all started drinking and S was sitting between us. The talk got to sex and next thing I knew she had Pauls cock out and was slowly wanking him off, this was a first for me, but very exciting. Soon she was fondling my cock and I was very erect and ready!!!

Paul took S into the bedroom laid her on the bed and undressed himself and S.

I knelt by the side getting a birds eye view of Pauls cock sliding into S cunt, very shortly Paul shot his load inside her. He then said "would you like M to fuck you", she replied "yes".

I didnt hesitate but stripped off and laid on top of her sliding my rampart cock inside whilst Paul watched and felt her huge breasts and nipples. Her cunt was very wet,with Pauls spunk and her wetness,I soon thrust into her and added my load.My very first sloppy seconds!

It was great, we fucked all night and did so several times after. Paul dumped S and got married to Pat a couple of years after this, I fucked Pat too,but only once.

He divorced Pat and married another girl called L, I fucked her many times with Paul, it was then I found out Paul was bi, and we would suck each other off whilst watching home made porn. Thats when his wife wasnt around to fuck.

Sadly Paul died a few years ago so the end of an era!!