Written by George

27 Feb 2014

My wife is not the sort of person to talk about sex or threesomes, that is until she had a good bit to drink. sadly she has no recollection of her needs the following day. I met a guy on the internet who wanted a threesome and I replied to his add. We met at a local pur with a premier Inn attached. We discussed the situation and were both keen to see it through and see what happened. She could only say no.hing except the nookie, and said we'll see what happens.

We arranged the night, booked a room at the premier inn and I took it from there.

I suggested to Amanda that we could go out for a drink, have a meal and then maybe have a bit of nookie. She agreed to every thing except the nookie, saying we'll play it by ear. We booked in and went to our room, where Amanda showered and got ready for the evening. She has a tendency to wear over the knee skirts and hold ups, but no knickers, which seems to be the in thing with many women on this site. I had bought a babydoll for later and hung it behind the bathroom door. I had told Graham all about Amanda, her hobbies, likes and dislikes so that a conversation could be struck up. We had our meal and had managed a couple of bottles of wine between us with Amanda haveing the majority of it. We went to the soft seats and Graham was sitting there. I introduced as an old friend, I hadn't seen for a while. I went to the bar to get the drinks and when I returned found them chatting away nicely. Amanda was well oiled at this stage and as the evening went on was getting more so. Graham said it was his turn to get the drink and I then suggested that it would cheaper all round to have the bottle (I'd conveniently brought with us) in our room. There was no decent from Amanda, who staggered to her feet and off we went to our room. I poured the drinks, had a cuddle with Amanda, the cuddle turned to a passionate kiss and I suggested she'd probably be more comfortable in her new night wear. She looked at me and suprisingly off she went. Graham and I decided that if she did come back in her babydoll, I would say she looked absolutely fantsatic. she did and I said I'd like a photo, which she posed for. Graham suggested that a photo of Amanda and myself would be good. We posed and then I took her in my arms, kissing her and putting my hands on her bare arse. She was getting quite horny and was now feeling my cock through my trousers. I asked Graham to turn the lights off. Graham then stripped off very quickly while I took Amanda's babydoo off leaving her totally naked. I laid her on the bed and stripped off. gtaham then opened her legs and startedo lick her pussy and she was moaning in seconds. He then progressed to her boobs and was soon sucking her nipples. He was then licking her neck, not kissing her, because she would have got wise to that straight away. He then psuhed his cock into her soaking pussy. She was orgasming in minutes, as he pounded into her. He came soon after and took his cock out, got off the bed and I jumped into his place and immediately pu my cock into the spunk filled hole. i think that is when she realised there were 2 cocks being used. She feel asleep soon after.