Written by Soldier1980

7 Jun 2012

This all happened 30 years ago. I joined the Army and became friendly with a guy - Tom - who I really felt I could trust. We got each other through basic training; one funny thing was that we looked like each other, though he was a couple of inches taller than me - but in the showers I couldn't help but notice that what he had in height had more than been taken off his willy - it was tiny! And, without wanting to sound too arrogant, I knew I was more than well endowed. But nothing was said.

After we passed out, we got posted to separate regiments and, as is the way in the forces, lost touch. But a few months later, I got an invitation to go to his wedding, wiht a note asking me to be an usher. It all seemed a bit smart for us squaddies (though we had both passed out near the top and I was looking to get my first stripe very early).

Well, I got leave and went to his place in Derby a couple of days before the wedding. His bride-to-be, Annabelle lived in Nottingham and we all met up for a drink. As she walked into the pub, I was bowled over by her - just my type of girl - tight jeans and long legs which didn't meet at the top - there was a gap where her camel's toe was easily visible; and really sexily, I don't think she was aware of how she was showing her private bits off. And she had blonde hair and clear skin - absolutely beautiful. And her arse in the jeans looked just perfect (I'm a real bottom man). And when she spoke her voice was crystal clear. But as we chatted, it became clear very quickly that she wasn't impressed by me - she was cold and condescending - I felt quite humiliated. She was a teacher; her father was a vicar, and she had been at a private boarding school. I was obviousy nt up to her standards - (Tom had been at a grammar school, and was presumably acceptable to her).

As Tom and I drove back to his place, he asked me what I thought of her - I said beautiful. Then he told me it had taken him ages to persuade her he was the one for her, and they had only screwed a couple of times. He said she had been a virgin before him.

Well, the wedding was great (I got well hammered) and Annabelle looked beautiful; I had a quick wank that night thinking about her, but I kept remembering how she looked down her nose at me, and it didn't end up that successful an orgasm.

She wrote a note of thanks to me for my wedding present, and I saw they were posted not far from me in Germany, but it wasn't for nearly a year that Tom wrote asking me round to supper - all rather smart and not what I was used to, but I thought it would be interesting to see them again, and I hoped I would find Annabelle attractive still: perhaps she wouldn't be such a bitch.

Their married quarters were in a block on "the patch" and Tom met me enthusiastically as I parked my car. In their flat, I was surprised to see the table was only set for three. Annabelle still looked beautiful, but really tired and distraught. As we had supper, it all became clear.

They had been trying for a baby since they got married, and when nothing happened after over six months, Annabelle went to the MO, who advised that Tom had a sperm test. They were devastated when it showed he had no sperm and was infertile. They had spent the past three months trying to come to terms without being able to have babies. The MO had advised them that it was either move back to England for a sperm donor, or adopt, but again it would mean a move to England, and upset Tom's army career.

And when Annabelle said she wanted to have her own baby, whatever, Tom had suggested finding someone they knew to provide the sperm: and he suggested me. I later found out that it had taken him all this time to get her to agree to use me for the purpose.

And that was why thay had asked me for supper. As Tom was telling me this story, Annabelle was looking at her plate and going redder and redder - not a bitch now.

And I thought - Sod you, woman. She couldn't go from treating me like an underling to suddenly wanting my sperm without paying for it one way or another.

So I asked her directly what they were proposing and she said that magazines said that the most successful was for a woman wanting to get pregannt to have penetrative sex in mid cycle, and that if the woman had a climax during the intercourse, the chances of pregnancy were at their highest. She also said that if the man was fully turned on, his sperm would be of better quality.

And so I played my trump card - I said that I was only turned on by tarty clothes and taking a woman from behind (I was thinking of looking at her gorgeous arse as I banged away at her - though I realy expected her to tell me she wouldn't do that) - but she just nodded dumbly, and said she was on her period at the moment and in just under two weeks the time would be right.

To be continued