Written by kinky46

3 Sep 2009

When Kerry & I read the letters pages in adult magazines, she often hints that it would feel great to be pleasured by two men at the same time. I had often wondered what a threesome would be like, I had always fantasised about her sleeping with another man, as long as I was there to join in.

One Saturday evening whilst we were out on the town, I asked her if she was up for a threesome? She smiled and gave me a nod.

I whispered, we could try it tonight with Gary, a close friend of ours.

Gary is always flirting with Kerry, he is always commenting on how good she looks, & that her tits must be so soft and suckable. I told him about our plans and he was surprised, but more than happy to join in.

After the club, we all left and got into Gary’s car and headed down a local lane, where Gary & I usually go to ride our dirt bikes. Kerry sat in the front seat and already had her tits out. Gary was reaching across to feel them as he drove. Once we had arrived at a lay-by, We helped Kerry take her clothes off.

She sat there in the seat with one leg up on the dash board as Gary started to play with her clit, he slipped a couple of fingers into her, as I played with her tits and kissed her. I said to Gary, now he has the chance he should fuck her, so he climbed over into the passengers seat and slowly slid his cock into her, She must have been really turned on, as her pussy was squelching with every thrust of Gary’s cock. Kerry started to groan, saying how dirty, but nice it felt to be doing this.

I got my cock out and manoeuvred round as best as I could, to let Kerry suck me off.

After a few minutes Gary pulled his cock out and wanked over her belly.

After Kerry had cleaned the mess up, I took over and went in for sloppy seconds, her pussy had never felt so wet. She carried on playing with her clit for a while then announced she was coming. I was pumping her hard as she withered around on the seat. I pulled my cock out and moved up towards her mouth, Kerry sucked me off to the end and I shot my spunk into her open mouth. She swallowed the lot and licked me clean afterwards.

We all got dressed and headed back home. Since that night Gary has spent a few odd Saturday nights round at our place, where we have taken it in turns shagging Kerry all night long.

Both Kerry and I are very keen to have a threesome with a female.

Anyone interested?