Written by anon

26 Apr 2009

it would be fair to say to some of the guys at work i may have seemed a bit aloof even racist,but that was not the case at all it was just i worked in the office upstairs,and our paths never really crossed,most of the staff went to the pub after work on a friday,but again i did not go as i am in a relationship and just went home,95% of the guys downstairs are black and what they did not realise was i spent quite a bit of time admiring thier bodies as they worked,and it was fair to say i fancied a few of them,now to the story,this year because work had been slow it was decidedby our boss we would not be having a christmas party but if we brought in some drinks on our last day we could celebrate christmas there,this meant of course no partners,actually it turned out better as where befor i was with my b/f but now i was free to mingle,i had a few drinks and was fairly relaxed and i have since found out the guys had the wrong impression of me.i was soon being chatted up.and wont deny i was loving it,the guys were being a bit say raunchy and one even told me to my face i was well fuckable,and instead of feeling insulted i found it quite amusing.the party had to wind down at around 6 and it was off to the pub,at this moment sex was the last thing on my mind,but taking 2of the guys by the arms off we went,obviously the guys outnumbered the girls and they drifted off,leaving just sue and myself i was the only white girl there and i was loving all the guys giving me thier attention,as the time went on we began dancing,when suddenly one of them moved to kiss me,so there i was in the middle of the pub snogging this blk guy,once i had shown willing i soon found myself snogging a few of them,and not objecting to thier hands wandering,it was coming towards the end now and though i would love to be able to blame the drink i cant as i was fully aware what was happening.a few of them suggested we go back to one of thier flats to carry on,but by the time we got there.there was only sue,myself and 3 of the guys and sue dissapeared into a bedroom with one of them,and i must admit i wanted sex now more than anything,up until then i had never been with a black guy,and never been in a 3 sum,i can clearly remember kissing one of the and the other guy slipping his hand in my top to cup my breast he moved my bra up so he now had his hand on my exposed breast quickly removing my top they both began to pay attention to my breasts and was it turning me on thier hands moved down between my legs which i parted and with the same speed they soon had me naked,one got up and removed his trousers to reveal his hardness as soon as i saw the blackness of it i knew i wanted it in my mouth i have to admit i love giving oral but the idea of doing it with a black guy seemed to double my pleasure,taking him deep in my mouth ti think the excitement had got to us all as within seconds he was shooting his cum into my mouth again this is something i enjoy,by now the other one could not hold back and i felt him rubbing his cock against my vagina i moved my hand down and slipped him inside me,my head was spinning but my main thought was i am being fucked by a black guy,and i cant describe the pleasure i was getting very soon he was spurting into me,i think by the time i left around 5am they had had me seperately together in every way possible,each time either finishing in my mouth or deep inside me,i went home that morning a little sore but very satisfied,i must admit i was very nervous when i returned to work after the break as i knew they would obvoiously talk,but because of my situation i also knew i would have to ride the storm.that was 5mths ago now and obviously the whole thing has died down but i still get a lot of the black guys inviting me out as after that i seem to have become approahable,and no i have not repeated it or been with another black guy since and doubt if i will again,i have now put it down to just one crazy night but boy am i glad i have experienced it,the only guilt i do sometimes feel is to my partner,but he dont know and i am not about to tell him.and to be on the safe side i dont think i will be celebrating christmas at work this year